Eating Less: How To Do it, And What Are The Benefits?

Do you remember that feeling on Halloween, when you ate too much candy as a kid? The one where you ate so much that your belly hurt, perhaps making you even feel a bit sick? If so then you know will know that overeating can be an unpleasant experience, as well as something that is bad for our health. However, this doesn’t seem to some stop some of us from continuing this behavior into adulthood. Something that can lead to indigestion, and in particular weight gain, as well as all of the health issue associated with it. That is why so many people are interested in eating less. So, with this in mind, keep reading for information about why eating less is usually a good thing and some clever ways to help you achieve this in your own life.

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Why Eat less?


Surely not eating enough is bad? It’s associated with eating disorders and malnutrition, right? Well, true in some cases, but there is a big difference between enough and less. Particularly, when we live in the developed world where food is high calorie and easily accessible.


In fact, in countries like the US, as this article suggests, eating too much on a regular basis can contribute to all sorts of health difficulties such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Conditions that reduce the quality of people’s lives as well as their life expectancy. While studies like the one described at have proven that by consuming less food we can effectively manage our weight, improve our health, and even increase our lifespans. Giving us a compelling reason to trim down those portions.


Being Mindful Of Eating Sensations


One way of eating less can be achieved through being more aware of the hunger signals that our bodies produce as we eat. Unfortunately, many of us have learned to ignore these or are too involved with distractions such as TV or other media to pay them much attention. The problem with this is that we don’t eat when we are truly hungry and often carry on eating when our body has had enough.


To counter this, mindfulness can be useful, as it helps us to focus on what is really happening in our bodies, making it easier to respond to the genuine signal that they are producing and regulating our appetite in a much better way. Although, some extra help is available for folks that don’t want to learn to meditate, in the form of products like the ones offered at, are designed to activate the food sensors in your body. As these can help you to feel fuller and make it way easier to eat less and achieve the health benefits associated with this.


Portion Control Strategies


Another way of eating less is through portion control. This simply means knowing the right sizes for a single portion of the food we are eating, and sticking to this at every meal.


Although, there are some tricks that you can do to help you reduce your portion sizes too. These include using a smaller salad plate at meals instead of larger dinner ones. While some folks prefer to drink a glass of water before they eat. Leaving less room in their stomach, so helping them eat smaller portion naturally.

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