Finishing Touches to Add After a Lengthy Home Renovation

Perhaps you’re planning a lengthy home renovation in the near future, or maybe you’re lucky enough to be close to finishing a long project that took over a month to complete. Whatever the case may be, finishing up a renovation is a time to celebrate. All of your hard work, planning and money will finally come to an end and you’ll soon see the fruits of your labour. However, the ride isn’t over until it’s over, and there will always be subtle (or sometimes large) ways that you can continue to improve your home even after you think the renovations are completed.


To help you out, here are some finishing touches to add to your home after a lengthy home renovation. Regardless of what type of renovation you had, these tips should all apply to the various rooms in your home and can add the cherry on top.



Flower Power


Adding plants and flowers to the insides of your home is a fantastic way to add colour and extra life to places that otherwise look dull and boring. Even modern looks should be accompanied by some floral decorations, and there are many choices you can pick from:



  • Artificial plants that are made from plastic or other types of materials are great if you want a low-maintenance decoration. These can typically be placed anywhere but are more commonly located in hard-to-reach areas where regular maintenance would be difficult (if they were real plants, that is)
  • Large potted plants are great to mark off certain areas and introduce wonderful centrepieces or pillars to a room. You can place these generally anywhere as long as they’re out of the way and enhance a room instead of cluttering it
  • Small decorative plants can add a touch of colour to shelves, bookcases and even end tables. These will breathe a touch of life into even the most boring parts of your home—even the guest toilet! Just remember the location of all these plants so they don’t wilt and die off



As long as you remember to replace plants when they’re not looking healthy anymore, these can add some fantastic finishing touches to any room in your home. Plants also have the added effect of purifying the air naturally. Plants like Boston Fern, English Ivy and even Palm Trees are fantastic for keeping the air in your house clean and free of pollutants.

Cleaning up the Doors


Doors aren’t often cared about in the home, but if your home renovation included some doors then you might need to get some extras. We often don’t think about handles, but you might want to get some that fit the rest of the theme in your home. You could also consider SuperiorMaker door stoppers in the event that your renovation has caused the doors to shut more violently due to the wind, or if you opted for doors that close automatically. You could also decorate doors based on their use. For instance, it’s not uncommon to have signs with your children’s names on them for bedrooms.


You’ll also want to keep in mind that new doors could introduce drafts and gaps that let in cold air or rodents. This is especially important when it comes to Winter because you’re going to see an increasing number of rodents trying to find their way into your home for warmth, and it will help keep your house warm if you try to stop as many drafts as possible.



Let There Be Light!


Lights are needed to keep a room nice and bright when the sun is down, but how often do you actually take notice of how lights can change a room? If you’ve been renovating a room for a long period of time then you might forget what it’s like to actually have proper lights installed. Technology can also assist you in creating a better room, and it’s a finishing touch that few people consider.


For instance, smart lights can change colour and brightness with the use of a mobile app, and they can even help you save money by reducing your electricity bill. There are also a few extra considerations for emergency situations in the event your power goes out. Having battery-powered emergency lights and solar-powered lights for areas like your garage is handy but you won’t notice them unless your house suffers from frequent power cuts.


In short, make sure you aren’t neglecting the importance of light in the home, and try to keep it true to the theme of your renovations and the colours you’ve used.


Boost Your Themes


If you renovated a room or your entire house with a theme in mind, then don’t forget to continue that theme across the entire home. For instance, if you’re using a minimalist colour palette and have cleaned up most of your clutter, then you might think about adding more storage options so you don’t overload your house with items and furniture in the future. If you recently renovated a child’s bedroom to have a comic theme, then you could buy some posters, extra lights or unique decorations that can be used in the room.


Boosting your themes can add a fantastic personalised touch to each room, and it helps to highlight the theme you chose for a particular area of the house. It can sometimes be difficult picking out the final decorations, but as long as you stick to your themes and go back to your scrapbook you made before you finalised your designs, you’ll find plenty of inspiration in pictures, scrapped ideas and memories that you can use to add extra decorations.



Remember the Centrepiece


Every room needs a centrepiece. It could be something like a large vase or a beautiful piece of china, but if you’re going to draw attention to your room and your decor then you need something that simply “makes” a room. Here are some unique ideas:



  • A large painting of something unique such as a landscape, still life or even your favourite show can add a lot of personality and style to a room if used sparingly. However, for a kid’s bedroom or a man cave, feel free to go wild and personalise the room with as many paintings, posters and decorations as you want.
  • A unique plant is something that not everyone has, but it’s sure to turn heads if you have something special sitting in a beautiful vase on your dining table.
  • The use of candles is something that not everyone enjoys, but they can create a peaceful and serene look to a tranquil room that makes use of neutral colours. They can also add a spa-like feeling to your bathroom, and they smell great if used correctly at the right time
  • Wine and fruits are commonly placed on dining tables, but if you have a fancy fruit bowl then it can be used and decorate to look like a centrepiece. Pick a medley of different coloured fruits and you’ll have something that looks absolutely stunning—likely enough to convince you to eat more fruit!



These are just a couple of ideas, but what you turn into a centrepiece is up to you. It needs to contrast with the rest of the room and it needs to stand out in a good way.


Give It a Good Dusting


After your renovation, you’ve likely developed a lot of dust in the area. With contractors moving around, wood being sanded and all kinds of pollutants filling the air, it’s a good idea to give your rooms a good dusting or even a full clean before you finally call it a day. Cleaning your home can be considered the final stretch. Once you’re at the point where you’re polishing tables, sweeping up dust and removing any debris, you know that you’ve almost finished your renovation project and you can soon sit back, relax and enjoy your hard work.


If you have any rugs, make sure they’re vacuumed and cleaned so they don’t like ugly and old when you finally sit down to relax. It’s a good idea to keep these free of dust, so add them to your room at the latest stage possible so they can retain their beautiful look and colour. You should also use the upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner to clear up any dust that has fallen on your sofas, curtains or cushions.


Final Words


The last thing you want to do after a lengthy home renovation is to get up and take everything apart again. To prevent this, make sure your plans are fully fleshed out and that everything has been taken into consideration. Whether it’s a small picture frame, an extra plant or even a tablecloth on your dining table, these small changes can make a huge difference to the overall look and feel of a room. Finishing touches can add the final sparkle to your dream room, so don’t neglect them and take all of these tips to heart!

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