Home Tech To Make Moms Life Easier

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The busiest people on the planet are moms. That is a fact. Like an actual fact. Not one of those facts that Facebook likes to throw your way, or President Trump, but an actual fact. To just scratch the tip of the iceberg, moms have to make sure the kids are up and dressed and at school on time, the fridge is full of goodness, homework is being done to the best standard possible, the laundry pile is so high that there’s snow at the top and the house is just generally running as it should. We do about 3000 jobs a day, and we do for nothing but love and appreciation.


Well, in order to take some of the weight off your shoulders and reduce your to-do list to just 2,991 jobs, which could give you enough time to enjoy a coffee, we have come up with a list of smart-home tech that you need to adopt. The reason being, smart-tech aims to do one thing and one thing only: make your life easier.

Let’s Start With The Lawn

The grass in our garden is scarily overgrown. Of course, we tell any guests that this was a decision we made on purpose because we were playing a game of We’re Going On A Bear Hunt with the kids. However, in reality, it is because we don’t have time. That is where an autonomous lawnmower can transform your life. Your garden will be kept perfectly presented and you won’t have to waste two-hours walking up and down while sweating profusely. Pick right and you can even get all-weather mowers that can deal with even the most uneven ground.

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No Time For The Vacuum

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a day or two where your ears are ringing with the sound of the vacuum cleaner, your mind whirring as you think about everything else that is clogging up your list of chores? Well, to live the life of luxury you’ve always dreamed of, you need to get yourself the ultimate product to save your life: a robot cleaner, one that can reach those hard to sweep places, like under the kitchen table, the sofa and below the bed. We saw one at our friend’s house the other day and, not only did it remember the contours of each room, it also adjusted its suction went it went from hardwood flooring to carpet. Seriously, it did a better job than we do.


Safety Comes First

We all know the importance of having a smoke alarm, not just in protecting your loved ones but in saving your home from total disrepair. But what about carbon monoxide. Not only that but water damage too. Well, to give you some practical ideas, we recommend you get a gadget that alerts you to any leaks, flames, gases or anything else that falls within that bell-curve. Yes, things like vacuum robots and automatic lawn mowers are a little sexier, but safety always wins. So, yeah, it is time you took the worry off your mind by getting a smart leak detector and wipe the need for routine checks off your list.

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Just General Help

We’ve all had those busy days where we have loads of stuff to do, only to have everything that could go wrong, go wrong. It tends to be little things like traffic being dreadful or not knowing what to cook for dinner. Well, the Google Home is the answer. You can just summon all the information you will ever need, meaning you can be more efficient with your time. All you have to do is get used to saying “Hey Google” to a machine and then ask it a question. Could be, what is the traffic like between here and the supermarket, or find me a recipe that uses courgettes and sausage (because that’s all you have in the fridge). Saving minutes will add up to hours.

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