How You Can Raise The Smartest Child In Class

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After your child was born, it probably took you about 0.3 seconds to realize your offspring is almost entirely dependent upon you to succeed in life. It starts off with simple tasks like feeding them, dressing them and making them feel almost impossibly loved, and then it transcends into other duties like helping them to boss it at school. We all want to be the parents of the smartest kid in the class. We want this because it will be for their benefit and, let’s be honest, we want it because it makes us feel like we are also the best parent too, which is a pretty satisfying feeling.


The big question is, how can we help our kids succeed at school and come out on top (thus giving us bragging rights over the other parents, the kind of bragging rights where we don’t even have to say anything because they just know). Well, we have spoken to a few people in the know and here are their top tips.


Read With Them More

Every day, from as early as you possibly can, read to your child. Read to them for a minimum of ten minutes a day. The reason for this is simple: it will help them become proficient readers, and kids who are proficient readers by the age of seven seem to perform far better in IQ tests.

Walk Or Cycle To School

That’s right. You need to ditch the car. That’s because kids who are exerting energy on their journey to the school gets are getting their brains working, making them far more impressive during tasks that require a bit of focus and concentration. Things like puzzles and solving equations; that sort of thing.


Help them Enjoy School

Just like in the adult world of having a job, kids that enjoy school are going to perform better. So do all you can to promote a positive attitude. It could be something as simple as having fun school clothing to wear, in which case you have to check out Zoeys Personalized Gifts, or it could be encouraging positive relationships with both friends and teachers. Whatever it is that will connect with them you should try and promote.


Up Your Cooking Game

The role a healthy diet has in a child’s performance is staggering. With that in mind, a diet that is high in Omega-3, like walnuts and salmon and sardines, as well as a diet that has lots of fruit and veg, will improve their brains. We’re talking an improved memory and a better ability to learn.


Get Them Outdoors

Having your child come into contact with all things nature has so many benefits, not least expand their minds and reduce stress. Of course, we recommend you are responsible in introducing them to wildlife. But climbing trees and getting dirty and doing what kids do is known to boost their abilities to make decisions.


Better Organise Their Lives

It is just helping them improve their own organizational skills, such as where they keep their pencils and books and where they do their homework. It is also about making sure their home environment is calm and clean and organized too. Anything else can promote poor learning and, yup, poor health too.


Sleep Is Mega-Important

You know how cranky you get when you don’t get a good night’s sleep, well it is the same for your child, except for every missed hour their IQ can get affected too. In terms of what is recommended by those people in the know, five years should be looking to get around eleven hours, while eleven-year-olds should be getting nine and a half, at least.

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