Is It Possible To Revamp Your Finances To Suit Your Lifestyle?

I’m all for saving money here, there and everywhere, but there comes a time when I want to indulge a little. Most of us work hard and do our best to live within our means, but that doesn’t necessarily make our preferred lifestyles affordable. Nobody wants to go without, but if the money isn’t there, what else can you do?


Shopping is something most of us enjoy, especially when the sales are on! Grabbing a bargain brings a certain satisfaction that sets you up for a really good day. Unfortunately, the sales never seem to turn up at the right time for my bank account. Why have a sale just before pay day?

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Of course, a little foresight and planning can avoid the use of your overdraft. If you know you’re going to be indulging in a little retail therapy, perhaps you can save a little bit for it? Some people go as far as to set themselves a budget. There are good buys to be had, regardless of the time of year. Does this mean you shouldn’t enjoy the sales at all?

Do you budget at all? Lots of people do, and it can make life a little more predictable and easy to manage. After all, if you know you like going to the cinema every week, putting that cash aside means you won’t have to miss a single movie. But even with the best budget in the world, things can still go wrong. Like your car, or your heating, or your oven! Where on earth do you find the cash for that sort of thing quickly enough?

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You might budget for a large savings pot each month. In truth, most young people want to enjoy their cash rather than putting it in a ‘what-if’ fund. Saving is pretty hard too. Even with the most frugal lifestyle, the cost of living is just too high compared to wages at the moment. In fact, many people find they have to borrow money just to make ends meet. This is when things can get really messy. Time for a financial revamp!

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When you’ve got credit from different places like store cards, credit cards, car loans, and overdrafts, it’s easy to lose track. The repayments come out of your bank account at different times of the month, and it’s difficult to see if you’re actually close to clearing the debt. It can really get you down. This is why so many people choose secured homeowner loans so they can deal with just one payment. And if you can get the interest rate down, and reduce the terms, you might even be saving some money.


Once you’ve got all that credit in check, you’ve mastered the art of budgeting, and you’ve put away a little something for the sales, you’re set. Or are you? Is there more you can do to enjoy life a little more on the money you’ve got? That’s down to you. Are you willing to make changes to your lifestyle to stretch your cash further?

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