Ladies- Do You Overlook Weights In Your Workouts?



Are you a cardio queen, who consistently avoids the weights pit at the gym? Do you see resistance training as something that’s ‘just for men’ or that should be avoided? If so- it’s time to change your mindset! A good exercise regime contains cardio AND weights- here are a few reasons why.


You Won’t Get Bulky

One of the reasons you will hear women skipping weights at the gym is ‘I don’t want to get bulky!’ And it’s a fair assumption to make, you see men with bulging biceps pumping iron and know you don’t want to end up looking like that. But there really is no need to fear, women simply don’t have the testosterone levels needed to support large and bulky muscle growth, and plus muscle is surprisingly difficult to gain. You need the right diet as well as supplements to achieve this- you can learn more about the supplements needed and why they are required online. Even a man who lifts heavy weights regularly will struggle to put on more than twelve pounds of muscle in a year. So lifting weights as part of your routine certainly isn’t going to equate to the bulky, huge muscles that you think.

You Will Be Able To Exercise Harder

So if you’re not going to build up big muscles, why weight train? Well there are lots of reasons. You won’t have bulging biceps, thighs or calves but you will build lean muscle. This is what helps to give your body a toned appearance, and will also improve your performance. With strong muscles you will be able to run faster and for longer on the treadmill, push yourself further on the bike or cross trainer, and generally be faster and stronger when it comes to your cardio. If you’re experiencing a plateau and want to push yourself to the next level, up your resistance training.



You Will Burn More Calories at Rest

One of the biggest benefits to building lean muscle is that your body will burn more calories at rest. Muscle needs a lot of energy to sustain itself, so having muscle essentially boosts your metabolism. Instead of burning 1700 calories a day at rest for example, building up some muscle tone may allow you to burn 1800, 1900 or beyond. That’s before you’ve even lifted a finger! If you’re looking to maintain your weight it means you have more calories to play with in the day, and of course it’s good news if you’re looking to lose weight. Along with eating a deficit, when your body is naturally burning more calories it will lead to quicker and easier losses.


You Will Improve Your Shape

When it comes to improving their shape, many women hit the cardio workout machines hard in a bid to drop excess weight. However, it’s muscle that will really shape and sculpt your body. Toning your obliques will give you a smooth, defined waist. Toning your chest muscles will naturally uplift breasts, and working on your glutes will give you a peachy butt! Losing excess weight is important, but to tone and shape your body you need to improve your muscles.

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