Lights Out! Tips To Make It Through A Power Cut

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Are you and your family ready for a power cut? Sometimes you might get plenty of time to prepare for one. For instance, if your energy provider has to turn off the power to your neighborhood for important work. In this case, you should be given a few weeks’ notice to get ready. However, there are some times when the lights might go out without any warning at all. The most likely cause of this is a very bad storm.


To help you get through an unexpected power cut, here are some tips you can use to prepare.


Stock Up On Batteries And Candles


You won’t be able to use any electric lights during the power cut, so it’s a good idea to stock up on batteries and candles. You can then light candles and place them around your rooms so that you don’t have to sit in the dark. Having plenty of batteries at home mean that you don’t have to worry about your flashlights running out of power! Even better, you might want to buy a wind-up flashlight so that you don’t have to worry about batteries.

Invest In Old Tech


It won’t just be your electrical lights that you won’t be able to use. Your electric oven, cooker, and TV won’t work either. So, it’s worth investing in some old-school tech. For example, you can listen to a battery powered radio while the TV isn’t working. This can also keep you up to date on when the power might come back on. It can also be useful getting a camping stove so you can boil water and cook simple meals and snacks.

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Don’t Open The Refrigerator Or Freezer


It’s important that you try and not go in your refrigerator or freezer while the power is off. That is because they won’t be on and can only retain their cold air for a limited period. If you open the door, you are helping all that cold air escape, and this will result in your food thawing out. It’s worth calling a sub zero refrigerator repair company once the power returns to make sure these appliances weren’t too badly damaged during the outage. If the power cut lasts a few days and you end up with a lot of food wastage, you should be able to apply for compensation.


Close All The Curtains


If your central heating runs on electricity, then there is a chance your home will start to quickly cool down once the power goes off. One way to try and trap all of the hot air into your home for as long as possible is to close all the curtains. This will then provide your home with an extra form of insulation. You might also want to get some winter blankets out if the power is going to be off overnight as the temperature in your home might drastically drop.


Don’t panic the next time the lights go out – these tips will keep you a lot calmer!

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