Mix Up Your Exercise Routine and Feel The Benefits

If you are reaching a bit of a plateau in your exercise regime, then look no further for some tips and tricks to help shake things up a bit. After all, you don’t want to reach a plateau with your exercise routine. It will cause a halt to your exercise, as well as any weight loss or weight gain that you’re looking for. So without further ado, here are some top tips to help to give your exercise routine a boost.



Improve Your Mobility


In order to reduce your risk of injury, then you should focus on your mobility. When you focus on certain areas, like your spine, hips, and ankles, you will increase the range of motion in those areas. Not only will that mean injuries are less likely, but it will mean that you can perform exercise better. You can get deeper in a squat, for example, or increase the length that you lunge. Having a different focus when you exercise is a good way to shake things up a little.

Eat Foods That Give You Energy


If you are in a bit of a rut with you exercise, then it could be that you’re lacking some energy. When you’re bored with your routine, and lacking energy, it will be an easy way to put you off wanting to exercise at all. So improving what you eat could be the way to go. You could look at cutting out refined sugar for thirty days, for example. When your blood sugar is kept pretty level, you will have so much more energy than before. If it goes up and down with refined and processed foods, then it can leave you feeling exhausted. So why not try it? You could also look at articles online like this one: http://aretheyonsteroids.com/legal-steroids/, to find out some natural ways to give your exercise a boost. Some supplements could be the thing that you need to give you a boost.


Mix Your Exercise Up


If you normally do some cycling and then weight training, then not only are you getting bored, but so is your body. You almost have to shock your body into doing something different. First of all, how about trying variations on what you already do. Like has been said, if you enjoy cycling, then how about doing some exercises that will work those muscles, but just in a different way. You can focus on leg strength, for example. This articles has some tips on mixing up your workouts https://greatist.com/move/change-your-workout if you need some ideas. It just gets your body doing something different.


Schedule Recovery Days


Constantly working out can actually be detrimental to your body. So you need to schedule regular rest days when you can. Even if you just do something like yoga on those days, it can give your body the rest, and in turn the boost, that it needs. Then when you do your higher intensity workouts, you are rested and have the energy to do so.

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