Physical Activity Ideas For A Sport Themed Birthday Party

Birthday parties are the days that the kids will remember as those times when you really showed you care. These positive memories will last them all the way through the lifetime and may give them inspiration for their own children. They’re also a great way to boost your child’s self-esteem if you plan them right. Sports themes for birthday parties are growing in popularity as the sing song and cake shindig, are kind of old news. Making them feel like they’re on an adventure, running, shouting, playing and competing, instills within them a sense of the fun outdoors. Most children nowadays are stuck behind a games console and would rather their parents buy them a video game for their birthday. But a sports themed birthday can show them that the real excitement is among friends, in the open fresh air.  

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Back garden games


By inviting their friends over to play, you can get the children to play and run around outside. The cheap and cheerful, games like pass the parcel can be played on the green grass as well as outside. You can add a little twist to it, whereby when the music is playing; the children have to run around and pass the parcel to the nearest child next to them. Egg and spoon races are always a big hit because the game requires each kid to be careful and concentrate, while also making sure their team is able to succeed by keeping the egg in one piece when passing it with just the spoons. If you have enough room, you could also let them enjoy a game or tag or hide and seek. Any physical activity that gets them up and moving, playing with friends is a success.

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A big adventure


Many children are sometimes not motivated to go out and play in the garden or run around because their surroundings are too familiar to them. By organizing an event outside the home and somewhere the kids have never been before, you stir up a sense of anticipation and excitement. There are professional, fun places for kids birthday parties where they can learn how to mountain climb in a safe environment. They can run through the woods and also, come down from high ground on zip lines, with the wind rushing through their hair. Many woodland child parties and activity centers, also have the ability to teach them archery. Or, they can simply get on little pedal cars with their friends, and follow a smooth and cool pathway. Children love to have multiple activities at once because they have a choice, very little chance of getting bored, and experiencing new things with the help and support of friends.


Season activities


For seasonal adventures, think about ice skating in the winter. Summer activities should involve something to do with water, like a family water gun, and water balloon fight, with cousins, nephews, nieces and even gran and grandpa. For some autumn fun, you could go out into the wild and learn about wildlife with your local nature reserve. Springtime is a great opportunity to adventure through the countryside, eat ice cream and pick flowers.


Keep it imaginative and keep the kids guessing to raise their hopes that this year will be an awesome and unforgettable birthday. The key is to get them moving, running and playing with other children. Making memories is all about planning a smooth and fun day, so try and think ahead for what they would like.

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