Top Tips for Vacationing on a Budget

Summer holidays with the kids can get ridiculously expensive. Especially as they get older and start asking for things. It can be easy to get carried away when you are trying so hard to give everyone their dream vacation and costs can quickly spiral out of control. To avoid this, it’s a great idea to set yourself a budget and find ways to stick to it. Here are my top tips for a fantastic summer break on a budget.

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Make a Budget


Before you even think about destinations and bookings sit down and write a budget. Work out what you can afford and then write down a list of all the expenses that come with a holiday. Make sure you include absolutely everything from travel to the airport to holiday shopping before you go. Then, allocate your budget. Allow yourself to spend more on things that are important to you but, make sure you save it elsewhere.

Book in Advance


Early deals can save you an absolute fortune when it comes to summer vacations. School summer holidays are the same every year so book as early as you can. This will also give you more time to save for other expenses.


It’s also a good idea to book activities before you travel. If you want to go on day trips or visit attractions, look online before you go and see if any money can be saved by booking in advance.


Check for Offers


Special offers are available on most things nowadays so keep checking in the run up to your break. You may be able to get discounted travel passes, multi attraction tickets or vouchers for restaurants by doing something as simple as signing up to an email newsletter.


Use Gift Cards


When you are shopping for your summer holiday wardrobe, gift cards make a great alternative to cash. Buy a card, top it up with your budgeted amount and then keep checking your balance as you shop. These from Sears – are a brilliant example of how easy it is to check your balance to ensure you stay within your budget.


Shop Around


Never buy the first thing you see. This goes for everything from your new holiday swimwear to your flights and accommodation. Use comparison sites like to check for the best deals and shop around for everything else.


Make Free Fun


At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that your children don’t need a big expensive trip filled with days out and luxuries. They need time with you. Heading to the beach with a bucket and spade can be the perfect day out for a young family and it will barely cost you a penny. Other great free fun can include:

You may find it’s the things you don’t have to pay for that you all remember the most in the years to come.

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While summer vacations can be very expensive, they don’t have to be. Be frugal, stick to your budget and do your research. You’ll end up saving money and having a better time for not having to worry about the expense. Just don’t forget your summer break survival kit!

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