Ways to Make More Money on Your Own Terms


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If you’re looking to bring in a little more money to pay off your debts, or perhaps save a rainy day, you really don’t have to take on an extra job that makes you miserable or start taking every bit of overtime that comes your way despite the fact that it leaves you very little time with your family. It is possible to make more money on your own terms.


Here are a few sources of additional revenue you might want to try:




Everyone needs a hobby, and if you particularly enjoy writing, why not kill two birds with one stone by creating your own money-making blog? Just spending a couple of hours a week could net you an extra three-figure income once your blog gains traction, if you take steps to monetize it by including ads and affiliate links.If you have even more time to dedicate, you could eventually start bringing in a significant revenue to boost your family’s income.


Start Your Own Business


Sometimes, you have to spend money to make more money, and one of the best ways to do this is by taking out one of the small business loans discussed at  smallbusinessloans.co and using it to set up your own business. Startups like online stores, copywriting agencies and web design companies can be run alongside your day job until they take off, bringing in some extra pennies for your family, and then transitioned to as a full-time source of income, should you wish to, when they start making a decent amount.


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Websites like peopleperhour.com allow you to offer your skills up to business and individuals who need help with a certain project. The beauty of freelancing is that you can take on jobs on your terms, only when you have the time and when they appeal, and if you’re good at it and take the time to build a solid reputation, you could earn a very respectable rate.


Selling on Ebay


If you have an eye for antiques, you could make a good additional income by scouring antique stores, flea markets and Goodwill for underpriced items and selling them on Ebay, Craigslist or other online platforms. You can do this regularly or only when you need a little extra cash,so it really is pretty flexible, but you do need to know what you’re doing to see any real returns.



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If you have a particular skill,whether it be belly dancing, drawing, DIY or something a bit more academic, you could make more money on your own terms by offering your services as a tutor either on or offline. Using websites like Craftsy to upload video tutorials is perhaps the most effective way to make money teaching your skills because, once your videos are up there, they’ll keep earning money for you even when you aren’t working,but tutoring your neighbor’s kid or running a course at the local community center are good options too.


When it comes to making money on your own terms, you really are limited only by yoru imagination, and to a lesser extent your abilities. Go out there and start earning those dollars!

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