Cut Down The Cost Of Your Monthly Expenses


We all know how daunting bills can be, especially when we’re juggling work life and Mommy life at the same time. It can be really hard to stay afloat when there’s so much to think about, but don’t worry – there’s always a solution.

Here’s how you can cut down the cost of your bills.

Unplug unused electrical devices

When you’ve finished charging your phone, you probably leave the charger in the outlet (like most of us do), but believe it or not this still uses up electricity even when your phone isn’t attached to it. The same goes for when you leave your tv on standby. So whenever you have finished with an electrical device – unplug it or turn it off properly.


Consolidate your loans

If you’re having trouble paying off any of your existing loans, it may be a good idea to consolidate them. This means taking out a final loan to pay off all your outstanding credits. That way you’re left with one sum instead of multiple different ones.


Sell a vehicle

If you own a car or a bike that you no longer use, why not think about selling it? Not only will you be getting money for it, but you will also be saving loads because you’re no longer having to pay tax and insurance – giving you a nice bit of extra cash to put towards that holiday you wanted.


Sell unused items

Have a sort through your clothes, or pluck up the courage to go through your garage and attic and see what useless items you find. Anything that you no longer use – sell. You can do this online or by word of mouth. Even if you don’t manage to sell as much as you’d hoped – any little helps.


Carpool to school

Instead of driving your child to school and back every day, while all the other parents do the same, consider carpooling. This is a brilliant way to save money, and the planet. What’s the point of four different cars going to and from the same destination when it can be done in one?


Change your light bulbs to LED

LED lights are eighty percent more efficient than the usual lights like incandescent or fluorescent, so change them if you haven’t already. Companies like hvac zone control maximize all their lighting systems so they work a lot more efficiently while saving you money as they go.


Use public transportation

Not only will public transport save you money on your gas, maintenance, and parking, but it is also a great way of saving the environment as you’ll be drastically reducing your carbon footprint. So the next time you get up for work, consider getting the bus there and back instead.


Cancel club memberships

If you have a gym membership that you are paying for every month, have a think whether you really use the service enough to be paying what you do. It’s important to prioritize, so if that means canceling your film subscription, or have some nights in on the weekend instead – so be it.

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