Be A Winter Winner! Don’t Let The Weather Beat You!

Even though it’s not quite Winter, yet we have already seen some pretty scary and extreme weather across the country. Who knows what the rest of the year may bring? That is why you owe it to yourself, your family, and your community to get prepared for the winter weather right now. Read on to find out how.


Your vehicle

Depending on whereabouts you live there are some preparations you can make to your vehicle now, that will stand you in good stead during the winter season.



These include getting your vehicle serviced, so it’s in the best condition possible. Make sure that the heat works, as well as having things like tire chains for use in the snow in reserve. In fact, even having something simple as an umbrella that you keep in the car all of the time is a useful idea.  As it can help you stay warm and dry if the weather turns unexpectedly and you have to get out and check the engine or tires.

Something else to consider is getting an emergency kit in the car. This should including a blanket or two, some drinking water, a first aid kit, and a few power bars. Just in case you get caught out in bad weather, and the roads are gridlocked. As these simple thing can increase your chance of survival.


Have an emergency plan

Some folks see having an emergency plan for bad weather as dramatic. They think that they will never need one, as it will never happen to them.  However, where emergency plans are concerned, it’s always better to have one and not need it, than the other way around.

In particular, it can give a sense of peace of mind to the responsible adults in the home, because even if the worse does occur, they know exactly what they will do to get the loved one out safe and sound.

Of course, there isn’t really a one size fits all plan, as the detail will depend on the nature of the weather, the property, and that family that is inhabiting it. Rain and wind storms may require a different approach to getting snowed in, for example.

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However, there are always some basic things that are useful to know. These include where your safest and quickest exits are. What essential items like medications you will take with you and what route you will choose to get to designated safe zone. It was also a great idea to have a spare mobile phone and attached, charged, power pack, pre-loaded with emergency numbers. As then you can contact the emergency services easily. As well as friends and relatives to let them know you are safe, as soon as possible.

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Have an emergency clean up plan

It’s also useful to know how you will deal with the devastation or damage that the harsh winter weather may have caused when you return to your home.  

As for many families, once the initial difficulties of getting out safely have calmed, it is the return after the all clear to a devastated and unlivable home that can be so upsetting. After all, having to leave your home in the dead of night is one thing, but to return to it being damaged, flooded, or otherwise in a unlivable condition can be incredibly tough.

That is why it’s not only a good idea to have an emergency exit strategy, but also one to get your home cleaned up as quickly as possible when you return as well.

To do this, remember that safety is always the primary concern. That means you should never enter a home where black water (sewage) is present, or where the electrics and gas have been compromised. Usually, to help you get these things back to normal you will need to contact a professional company to for a sewer clean up, or electrical and gas repairs. It can also be helpful to get someone to assess the structural safety of your home before you allow your family back inside, as extreme weather may cause wall, floor or roof damage that isn’t immediately visible to the naked eye.


Your home

Apart from having a plan to escape, and a plan for when you come back, there are also some things you can do that may minimize the damage and risk to your home during bad winter weather.

One thing is to keep your roof in the best condition possible. This entails having it checked during the finer months, and repaired as necessary. As this will provide the best protection if the weather does deteriorate.

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Another is stocking up early on fuel for your furnace, or generator if you are off the grid. So even if the supply trucks can’t get through, you will still be able to keep things at a comfortable temperature.

It can also help to have some access to mild emergency measures for the home as well. Such as sandbags, or boards to cover windows. As these can help protect your home and its contents during bad weather, and while if you have to vacate for a period of time.


Your clothes

The last thing you need to do to become a winter winner is look at your wardrobe. This is because of all the season’s, winter is truly the one that you need to make the most practical choices with your clothes.

This is especially true if you are resident in a location where temperatures frequently fall below freezing As it’s very easy to forget this when we are in our nice warm houses, and then when people pop out side without the correct clothing they can get themselves into serious trouble.  So always keep snow boots and insulated coats by the door of if at all possible. Ensure your coat has a hood, as well as a face protector just in case. Of course hats, gloves, and scarves are always a useful idea for long trips too.

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It is with these sorts of preparations that you can beat the winter weather this year, and stay safe and warm for as long as possible.

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