5 Hot Gadgets For Lovers Of Hot Drinks

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Are you crazy about coffee? Or perhaps tea is more your obsession? Many of us love to start the day with a hot brew, but few of us add to our experience with the right gadgets for the job. Here are a few pieces of tech that every tea and coffee lover needs in their life.


Smart kettles

Household are now embracing smart technology as the way forward. Such appliances can be controlled remotely using an app on a user’s phone. Smart kettles are the ideal piece of kit for those that like to wake up to a morning brew. As soon as you wake up, you can use your phone to start boiling the kettle. By the time you’ve got out of bed and to the kitchen, the water will be boiled and ready to pour.


Tea diffusers

Many tea lovers own teapots, but few own a teapot with an infuser. These handy contraptions are great for making tea with fresh leaves for a wholly natural taste. These can hold several cups of tea and stay hot for long periods allow you and the family to go back for refills.


Home coffee gadgets

There are hundreds of home gadgets for coffee lovers. These include espresso makers, milk steamers and percolators. However, there are also machines that combine the whole lot much like a coffee machine you might get in a high-street bar. Whilst such machines have traditionally been expensive, there are now lots of budget coffee machines on the market. This could allow you to wake up to fresh Americano or even a cappuccino.

Thermos mugs

For those that regularly travel around, a thermos mug can be a handy piece of kit to have. These mugs can be used to carry hot drinks around with you whilst staying hot for hours. Whilst you can buy these travel mugs for cheap, it’s worth looking for ones that have leak and spill protection to stop you having a spillage on the go. Some are also easier to clean than others – read reviews online to find the easiest one to clean so that you’re not left scrubbing at the end of each day.


Bike coffee cup holders

Many cars come with coffee cup holders, but what if you travel by bike? Fortunately, those that commute to work by bike can now buy specialist coffee cup holders to fit to their handlebars. Whilst there have long been cheap ones around, it’s worth paying a little extra for a quality coffee cup holder. These will have a tighter grip and cause less vibrations, allowing you to carry cups of coffee from a coffee shop without worrying about spilling the contents everywhere.

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