Are Kids And Las Vegas Like Chalk And Cheese?

When you think about Las Vegas, you think casinos, nightlife and, well, frankly things that are unmentionable on this blog. And so it’s the last place you’d want to take the kids, right?


It turns out that Sin City does have a place for children. You just need to do your research. Kids and Las Vegas aren’t like chalk and cheese after all. Here are some hacks moms like you can implement to make your next Vegas family holiday a triumph.


Hack #1: Grab Free Entertainment

Las Vegas has its fair share of paid entertainment. But after your kids have spent money on the slot machines, you won’t feel like shelling out anymore. Trust me.

The good news, however, is that the city has a lot of free entertainment too. There are regular, free acrobatics performances at Circus Circus, as well as light shows at the Bellagio.


Hack #2: Walk The Strip

The Strip is the big road that travels right through the heart of Vegas. If you want to explore the city, it’s best to get out of the car. Being stuck in traffic on the Strip isn’t fun, especially given its proclivity for long traffic jams where it takes hours just to go a single mile. Save yourself the hassle and park up outside the center. Then walk along the Strip. It’ll be much more enjoyable, much less stressful, and much better for you too.

Hack #3: Head To Shopping Areas For Food

Restaurants in Vegas are expensive. That’s because owners know that people come to the city to spend, and little else. As a result, they ramp up their prices to reflect the clientele, which can put a strain on the family budget.


Not to worry though: like most cities, Vegas has bargain places to eat – it’s just a question of knowing where they are. The cheapest places are inside the city’s many malls. Here, competition between eateries means that there are often bargains and meal deals to be had, meaning that you and your family can chow down on delectable food on the cheap.

Seasoned veterans of the city recommend that parents head to the Miracle Mile, a parade of shops just off the Strip.


Hack #4: Visit The Local Wildlife

Las Vegas might be in the middle of the desert, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have anywhere for the kids to enjoy wildlife. The city hosts its very own aquarium where children can interact with exhibits and explore the wonders of marine life. Click here for more information and to find out prices.


Hack #5: Stay Away From The Strip In Daylight Hours

You might think that the worst time to take the kids along the Strip would be at night. But it turns out that the most disturbing time of the day is during daylight hours. It’s at this time of day that Las Vegas laid bare for all to see, thanks to day drinking and advertising for adult venues. If you’re going to visit the Strip, best to do it at night time.

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