Dangerous Misconceptions About Home Security

You might think that your home is safe, but that could be because you are making some of the common assumptions about home security and the dangers that could be present at any given time. If you are making these assumptions or buying into the fallacies, your home might not be nearly as safe as you think it is.


Thieves Won’t Break In If People Are Around

Actually, they will. You might think that if you live in a tightly knit neighborhood, people won’t attempt to break in. But that’s not true. There are various tactics that thieves can use to break into your home, in the middle of the day when people are around. They might pretend to know you. If that’s the case, all they need to convince a neighbor is your first name. If they have your first name and are laidback enough, no neighbor is going to stop them entering your home. How would they get your name? It’s frighteningly easy. Type in an address online, and you might be able to find out exactly who lives there. You can find if your address details can be found online by using royalmail.com. Or they could pretend they are there to complete repairs on the property.

What about if you are in? Is this going to stop thieves breaking through a window? Not necessarily. If they think they can get away with it, a thief may enter your home while you are tucked in bed. This is why you shouldn’t switch off the alarm simply because you are in the house.

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A Window Open A Crack Won’t Lead To A Break In

It could because if a window is open a crack, it can easily be adjusted to provide a large enough gap for someone to fit through. All you need is a metal wire curled into a hook. This can be used to pull the latch, and at this point, it’s easy to slide open the window. This is one of the problems with feeling comfortable and secure in our own home. It often leads us to make a mistake that means it is far more vulnerable.

So if Windows Are Closed, I’m Safe?

It really depends if you have an alarm? If you have an alarm system in place when someone breaks a window sirens are going to sound alerting every one of the break-ins. There are various alarm systems to choose from according to homesecuritysystem.co. You can also look into getting shatterproof windows. The benefit of this is that the window won’t get smashed if it is hit with a football. However, there’s another benefit as well. A burglar won’t be able to shatter the window with something like a hammer.


Will Lights Protect Me?

Lights are a clever way to spook someone on your property. But it won’t necessarily stop them breaking in. Even motion sensor lighting may not prevent a break-in, particularly if the thief figures out that no one is in the property at the time. The best thing you can do is ensure you have a fully comprehensive alarm system set up, ready to alert people of an intruder on the premises.

Are you making these mistakes? If you are, change your home and avoid facing a dangerous break-in today.

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