How To Beat Some Of The Unavoidable Back To School Blues


At this time of year, a lot of things are changing. Not only is the weather starting to take a turn, but the kids are heading back to school, and you’ve all got another new routine to adjust too. It can be tough. Just as you start to get used to the summer vacation, it’s all over again, and you have to get back into everything from making lunches to taking charge of the car pool. And, of course, with this always comes a host of back to school blues that you can’t quite control. However, as unavoidable as some of them may be, you’ll still be able to beat them, as long as you get to work.


Groggy Mornings

One of the most common occurrences that you’re going to find at this time of year is the return of the morning struggles. Even if your kids haven’t been going to bed too late, or staying in bed too late in the mornings, there’s nothing like the start of September that can make them allergic to early morning. Although you may face some tantrums and have to work a little harder to start with, you should be able to kick the groggy mornings by working with more effective nighttime routines and setting the same wake up times for each day of the week. And remember, be patient.



Then there are the dreaded back to school sicknesses that your kids are going to be faced with. From common winter colds and sickness bugs to head lice, the trick will be to avoid where you can or treat as fast as you can. So read up on invaluable advice from sites like to get you prepared. Because we all know that the kids are going to come home sick more than once over the next few weeks.

Exam Pressure

If you’ve got high schoolers that are about to set some exams, you may find that the stresses can start early. It can be hard to see them worked up and exhausted. So you may want to take a look at some tips on beating exam stress to help them out. Although you may not be able to do a lot, you should try to support them in any way that you can, and provide a relaxing home environment to try and keep them calm.


Conflicting Schedules

When you’ve got kids that go to different schools, you may find yourself faced with a few conflicting schedules. Now, this is going to be the kind of blues that affects you more than it affects them, but you should be able to work it out. You may need to move your commitments or rope in some help to make things mesh. But you’ll get there.


New Routines

But you may find that your kids need to adjust to new routines. Whether you’ve got preschoolers or teenagers that are faced with new schools, you’ll find that they may struggle to deal with the changes they have to take on. But advice on sites like will be vital to you here. Just be sure you support them as much as you can, and ensure that they changes they faced are in their best interest, if not, you may need to work with something else.

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