Think Your Kid’s School Is Sterile And Clean? Think Again!

Most parents send their kids off to school thinking they are 100% safe. However, while most schools work hard to protect the children from violence and other issues, many young people fall ill during their time in the classroom. That is because there are lots of other individuals in the same space, and so illnesses can spread fast. Even with the best cleaning routine, there is a good chance most kids will come home having contracted an infection or virus at some point. With that in mind, there is some information below that should help all parents to understand the risks and deal with the situations accordingly.



Chicken Pox


Almost 60% of children will contract chicken pox at some point during their school days according to It’s important for parents to educate themselves about the symptoms because that’s the best way to stop an outbreak. There is lots of information online that all adults should read. However, some of the most common warning signs include:


  • High body temperatures
  • Spots all over the body
  • Lack of hunger or feeling sick


All parents will need to take their child to see a doctor if they have any concerns. It’s also sensible to keep the little ones away from school until they get the all-clear from a medical professional.


Flu and Colds


Adults only have to consider how quickly a cold or flu virus can spread around their office to understand the risks their kids face at school. Unfortunately, there is no way to protect children from that illness, and so it’s something they will contract over and over again during their younger years. The best things parents can do is to take their child out of school until they feel better and avoid catching the illness. However, there are lots of specialist remedies and medicines that can help to ease some of the discomforts. For instance, parents might want to invest in:


  • Vapor rubs
  • Nasal sprays
  • Hot drinks



Lice and nits


There is no getting away from the fact that head lice tend to spread like wildfire in school classrooms. Experts from say that is because kids will regularly press their heads together or sit close to each other. The only way to get rid of nits and other unwanted creatures is to use specialist shampoos and washes. With a bit of luck, people who do that will manage to remove the lice from their head in a matter of days. Still, it’s vital to inform the school so they can let other parents know about the problem. If those people follow the same strategy, it’s possible to contain the outbreak.


With all that in mind, don’t go thinking that classrooms are sterile and safe environments. Children face just as many risks at school as adults face in the workplace. That means it’s always sensible to keep some remedies at home, and all parents must inform the school when they notice a problem. If everyone does that, the issues mentioned in this post shouldn’t cause too much stress. It’s just when people fail to identify the signs that illnesses and infections can turn into something worse.

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