Transforming Your Kitchen Into A Family Hub

They say the kitchen the heart of any home, and I am inclined to think they are right. After all, its the first place the kids head to when they come home from school. It’s where we all share meals together, and there is always some washing up to be done. Meaning we do spend a lot of time there. But could the kitchen be better, could it be the official centre of your home? I think so, so read on to find out more.


Relaxed space

One thing you can do to turn your kitchen into the official centre of your home is to make it as comfortable as possible. Kitchens are usually ideal for practical tasks like preparing and cooking food with their worksurfaces and washable floors. However, that means they aren’t always the most relaxing and inviting spaces for our families want to just hang out in.

Remedy this by improving the kitchen atmosphere by installing a table and so comfy seating a small distance away from the food preparation areas. As then you can continue to catch up with your loved ones when preparing the evening meal.

Make the kitchen space warmer too both psychically and psychologically by adding a rug and some soft furnishings like throw pillows. Aged oriental rugs can look great in a more rustic style kitchen, whereas something modern and graphic can do the same job in a more contemporary space.

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Family command center

Next, if everyone is going to be spending more time the kitchen, it makes sense to use the space to keep everyone updated with what is going on. One of the best ways I have seen to do this is what is known as a family command center.  

This is a small section of kitchen wall that is devoted to daily plans, calendars, admin, and things everyone will need for that day. It usually includes a black or white board for reminders and notes. As well as a calendar with what is happening that day, and space for each person where things like book bags, homework, and things they need for work can be stored. Check out some of these designs for inspiration too, and you will see that they can look pretty nice as well as being super practical.


Packed lunch station

Lastly, what about making more time for yourself as well as getting the kids organized and teaching then responsibility, all in your little ol’ kitchen. The way to do this is to create a packed lunch station that each kid goes to before they leave the house. The idea being that there are lots of pre-portioned snacks and drinks that they can help themselves to as their packed lunch.

You can use drawers or shelves, and it is sometimes helpful to have access to part of the refrigerator for things like meat and cheese that need to be kept cool. Just remind the kids how many of each they should pick each day, or you may find your stocks decrease quicker than expected.

So, if you follow these simple tips, you should have no trouble in transforming your kitchen into a cozy, inviting and practical family hub that everyone will want to hang out in.

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