What Part Can The Internet Play In Our Wild Weather?

The second half of 2017 has seen weather turn wild. With two category five hurricanes, and earthquakes still shaking Mexico, it’s no wonder many of us are turning to disaster plans. Each day brings new challenges, as nature once again proves who’s in charge.

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The good news is, guides like this one found at stormassist.org can show you how to pack the ideal storm emergency kit. There are also countless sites out there about where best to wait out the storm. So, that’s not what we’re going to focus on here. Instead, we’re going to look at what the internet means when it comes to natural disasters.

Because, mother nature may be in charge, but the internet sure has its place in a storm situation. Here’s why.

An easy way to keep up to date

If you’re trapped in a storm, you need to stay up to date with what’s happening. But, it’s not always practical to sit in front of the television. In fact, it’s not always safe. But, the internet is much easier to transport to wherever you need to be. Connections across the country are so good that you should be able to find a signal from any vantage point.

As such, you can head online from your safe spot, and check progress. This is fantastic if you have a basement hideout, or anything similar. It means that you won’t have to venture out of safety to check that the storm has passed. Instead, you can head onto social media, and see what others are reporting.

A distraction for the children

A parent’s main priority during disaster is to protect their children. And, keeping them distracted from worry is part of that. If you’re afraid, think how your kids must feel. The internet can be a huge help here, too. There are games galore to distract them, and you could even stream their favorite shows. Anything to keep them from focusing on what’s happening.

This method will also have the benefit of proving a distraction for you. It’s unbelievable how comforting children’s programs become when you’re afraid. And, that calming influence will ensure that you’re in a fit frame of mind to keep your children safe.

A chance to let everyone know you’re okay

It’s not only during the storm that the internet can change the game. It can also be a huge help afterward, as a way for people to reconnect and check in. If your electricity went down during the event, make sure to contact a company like the one found at https://www.itselectriccharlotte.com/electrical-repair/ to get you back up and running. The longer you leave it, the more concerned your loves ones will become.

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To let a vast number of people know you’re okay, it’s worth using Facebook’s ‘check in’ feature, as found at https://www.facebook.com/about/safetycheck/. It was designed for events like these, and can be a real comfort. It’s also worth messaging your loved ones personally, and giving them information on your kids and so forth.

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