Create a Perfect, Pinterest-Worthy Pantry!

If you’re looking to stay organized, save money and always have the means to whip up a tasty meal- a home pantry is a smart move. Thanks to the likes of Pinterest and social media, a well-equipped home pantry is definitely back in Vogue, but not only does rows of neatly organized dried good look satisfying but is extremely practical too. If you want to boost your domestic goddess status or you’re just sick of rooting around in tiny cupboards for the ingredients you need, here’s how you can create the perfect pantry at home.


Decide On a Location

If you already have a pantry area in your kitchen, then you’re good to go. Otherwise, you’ll need to find the perfect location. Do you have a boiler cupboard or storage cupboard in your kitchen? Is there a nook anywhere that you could section off by adding some doors? If not, you will have to get a bit creative. Your pantry doesn’t necessarily have to go in the kitchen, if you have a space under your stairs, this could be transformed into a fantastic pantry area. A shoe cupboard could be repurposed, any downstairs area really could work.


Fit The Shelves

Once you’ve found the perfect spot, the next step would be to add the shelves, If you add rows of shelves from the floor to the ceiling you maximise the space and can make the most of every inch you have in there. A cool idea would be to add a fridge freezer, this could be your main refrigerator or an extra one for backup storage. You could even find a second hand one cheaply, or find one that’s not working for free. People get rid of these all the time without having the problem diagnosed, you could even snag a good brand like Sub Zero. From there you’d just find a Sub Zero repair company and have it fixed. This is far cheaper than buying new, and could be the perfect addition to your pantry!


Find The Right Storage

Once the main pantry is set up it’s on to the fun part- organizing! Here’s where you can decide exactly what is going in your pantry and how you’re going to store it. Glass lidded flip top jars are a good option, they keep everything fresh, and if pests find their way into your home, there’s no way they can get in. Fill them up with things like flour, sugar, pasta, rice, lentils, grains and arrange them in a way which makes sense to you. Don’t forget to label everything, so you don’t forget what’s in each jar- you can get label makers cheaply online and it gives the pantry a cool look too. Don’t forget to add best before information and allergy information too.  Baskets and storage bins on shelves are another option, you could hang hooks on the walls, use plastic lidded boxes for more bulky items. Either way, spend some time deciding how you’re going to store and organize things based on what ingredients you will have in your pantry.


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