Financial Lessons You Must Give To Your Young Adult Children


As your children mature into adulthood, you will need to bestow upon them life lessons they can keep for the rest of their days. Of course, it’s not up to you to give them a complete manual to life, as it’s likely you’re not even in possession of one of those yourself. No one is. However, there are a number of things you can teach them which will make a difference, and make a difference well.

Let’s assume that their self-care and rational safety understanding is taken care of, and they are as wise in those fields as you are. Which could be considered the most important life lesson, or collection of lessons to give to your children as they become independent? Of course, it’s always about the finances. Your child will either experience an excellent and secure life or one defined by struggle one, dependant on how wise they are with the income that comes their way. For this reason, it’s essential to get the ball rolling from the offset and try to show them positive means of keeping their financial house in order.


Keep Them Credit Friendly

Credit cards and financing can be a positive way to help them acquire the things they want, while also improving their credit score substantially. Not only does it require a sound financial sense to keep up with the repayments though, but it takes a great emphasis on the importance of completing these requirements right to make sure your credit stays as a friend and not a foe. Use resources such as to know where to begin in the educational handbook. If you can, show them how a solid use of credit has benefited you in your efforts developing and maintaining a family home. Show them that with good financial sense, they too can find a property and a family to call their own.

Financial Goals

While you may be expecting us to wax poetic about the benefits of budgeting, it’s likely that you’re wise enough to impart that wisdom to your child yourself. We’d like to stress the importance of financial goals instead, as aiming for them can often help sustain a saving mindset. It’s one thing to know you must save; it’s another to identify what you’re saving for in the long term.

This not only gives them more accurate understanding of the finances they hold but motivates them to hit that goal thanks to a perceived reward. Also, imbuing this lesson will be much easier if it helps them understand that correctly executed, more objects and services of substance will permeate their lives, rather than the consumable cash traps so many of us fall victim to spending towards.



They must know that once you cut the financial cord, they are responsible for any and all financial income or outgoings they have. They will then be able to manage this like a resource. Much like you can’t continue to dress your child when the teenage years start, you shouldn’t make them think something is coming their way. Otherwise, they will neglect to learn the hard reality of self-sufficiency.

With these tips, your child is sure to match their already intelligent personality with some sound financial wisdom.

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