Getting Back Up When You’re Hit By A Huge Bill

It will happen at some point. You might have a dental crisis that needs paying for. You might have a much larger fuel bill than expected. You might even find that you’ve been overcompensated in some scheme or another and are expected to fork over the difference now. Most people will be hit by a big, unexpected bill at some point and if you’re not ready to deal with it, it can lead to a spiral of financial trouble that can mean real trouble at the end.

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Check the bill for mistakes

Sometimes you are going to get charged when you shouldn’t be. Rarely, are these charges made on purpose, so don’t go burning with righteous indignation. But do be ready to check any major bills you receive with costs you don’t recognize. Medical billing mistakes are especially prevalent so be vigilant. You shouldn’t bank on it, but you could get off with a reduced bill if it’s not entirely removed.

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Plug the hole

This biggest problem with surprise bills is precisely the fact that they’re a surprise. If you have enough income to pay it back but just not in time, it’s worth looking at loan information here to find a way to bridge the gap. Just make sure you only take on loans that you thoroughly understand the terms of and know you can pay them back.

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Burn the midnight oil

Whether you can’t borrow or you just want to make sure you have enough to pay any loans back, it might be the perfect time to look for a side gig. There are a lot of ways to make quick money, thanks in particular to the internet. You can look at places where you can sell unwanted items off. But there are ways to make quicker cash, too, such as working as a virtual assistant or using a survey site.

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Negotiate it

Your billers are going to make the assumption, perhaps unreasonably, that you should have no problem paying off the costs they charge to you. If you can’t then it’s much better to raise your hand and say so rather than wait for the penny to drop. The more time in advance you have to negotiate your bills, the better. For instance, you can find information on negotiating credit cards that can boil it down to a script that will work with most providers.

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Rework your system

From now on, you have to make sure that those bills don’t catch you so off guard next time. If you have the money but the schedule makes things difficult, then consider rescheduling all payments to come out on the same day. It’s best to choose a little time after your usual pay day, but not too much later, so you’re paying out on the day you have most of the money right there in your account.

The main point is to make sure that you never underestimate the chance that big costs can come out of nowhere. One day a pipe might burst, a boiler might stop working, or a kid might need something for school you weren’t anticipating. Always be ready for those surprise expenses.

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