Give Your Kids An Active Fall and Winter With These Top Tips

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After a summer hopefully filled with running around outdoors and discovering the joys the natural world around them has to offer, how can you keep your kids occupied once the cooler weather hits? The opportunity to run around and burn off some energy can be invaluable to frazzled mums hoping for their little darlings to be tired out come bedtime and have a proper night’s rest. How do you avoid having the kids cooped up all day indoors, hunched over their phones and tables or glued to the TV? We take a look at some simple ideas for keeping those fully-charged youngsters enjoying active play until well beyond Christmas…

Create a Treasure Hunt

If your kids are reluctant to venture outside when the weather isn’t so good, make it fun by challenging them to a treasure hunt. Pick a prize and a location, invent some clues and set a trail – it can be around the local park or just in your backyard, as long as it entices them to get outside and get moving. If hiding clues isn’t possible in a public space, think about setting them a photo safari instead. Provide a list of things they need to snap – birds, animals or local landmarks. The kids must take a picture of each one of things when they spot them. At the end of it, they’ll have had a fun day out and captured lots of memories as well. Ideal for keeping little legs moving and little minds engaged.


Try Lasers, Trampolining or Swimming

If wet weather derails your plans for active play, don’t worry – there’s plenty of fun activities to be found indoors at specialist play centres. How about a day at an indoor water park? Or is there a trampolining park near you where kids can bounce until their heart’s content? If they are up for the challenge, you could give something like laser tag a go. Chasing around exciting play sets will be great exercise when you can’t get them outside.

Build a Pillow City

If you really must stay in, can you take the classic idea of building a pillow fort and turn it into a pillow city? See what soft play structures you can make within the house using blankets, cushions and other furniture, or use cardboard boxes to construct a fantasy kingdom that will let your children’s imaginations soar. Making a teepee out of broom sticks and a sheet is very easy and doesn’t need any sewing or glueing. There are hours of fun to be had!


Have a Baking Lesson

A great joy in life is baking cakes or cookies with your children. Not only does it give them an appreciation of cooking, but you all get to share the goodies afterwards! Find some simple recipes to bake and decorate together, and you can make memories and a sweet treat all in one. Kids love to mix and sprinkle, but teach them to stay away from the hot oven.


Make a Movie

An enjoyable activity to set your kids is to challenge them to make a movie. With today’s lightweight handheld cameras or even filming on a cell phone, they can create a little masterpiece. First, have them storyboard out a plotline and work on a short script, then choose costume and face paints, shoot the action and edit it easily on an iPad using simple software – they can then give the rest of the family a premiere screening when it’s done!

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