Help Your Conservatory Reach Its Full Potential With These Four Inspirational Ideas

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Whether you have recently added a small conservatory to your home or you’ve had a languishing conservatory that has seen better days for years, you need to ensure that it’s reaching its full potential. All too often conservatories become dumping grounds for the kids muddy shoes after playing in the garden, a space where the pets get fed and watered or a stockpile area for the lawnmower and bikes. You need to reclaim your conservatory and give it the facelift that it deserves. By providing your conservatory with a purpose, you’ll be adding much-needed living space to your home.


Formal Dining Space

Open plan living is the way most people yearn to live in the twenty-first century. Large bright kitchen diners, like the ones seen at, adjoin the main living room and are commonplace in homes up and down the country. Somewhere along the way, the need for a formal dining area has become a little lost. That doesn’t mean you can’t fulfill your hankering for a space that can cater for soirees and dinner parties. Make your conservatory into the dining room that you have always longed for complete with subtle lighting, soft furnishings and a large dining table and chairs set.


Haven Of Relaxation

As the hustle and bustle of modern family life encroach on your sanity, you need a space where you can retreat to in order to switch off and relax. Think about turning your conservatory into a beach hut themed area. Strap a hammock across the center of your space and take a look at to source a top quality ceiling fan to emulate a cool coastal breeze. You can close the door, and retreat with a book and a glass of wine to relax while the kids are off on a playdate.

Utility Room

If you’re sick and tired of not having enough cupboard space in your kitchen, it pays to move your white goods including your washing machine, dryer and fridge freezer into a separate area altogether. This is where your conservatory can find its purpose as a utility room. You are then free to install more cabinetry into your kitchen meaning you are no longer forced to endure cluttered work surfaces or pans hanging from hooks on the ceiling.

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Japanese Tea Room

You may wish to think outside the box altogether to create a room with a theme. You may opt for the sleek and minimalist design of a Japanese tea room. If you love the Far Eastern culture, you could spend your weekends partaking in a spot of matcha tea and beancurd sweets. You might prefer something a little more continental with a French cafe theme, complete with patisserie and the finest china teacups. If you have all the living space you need, consider letting your imagination go a little wild in your conservatory.

Conservatories have been around for decades and were once the height of fashion. While some people consider them a tad passe, there are still plenty of reasons to add an extra living space to your home and help your conservatory reach its full potential.

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