Make Moving House Less Stressful



Moving home is a stressful affair, especially when you have a family and a baby to try and organise along the way. Your house will probably be full to the brim with furniture, personal belongings and A LOT of toys. The thought of packing all that up and moving to a new place can be daunting, and understandably might make you want to crawl into bed and pretend nothing is happening at all. However, don’t fret; there are a few ways that you can make the trip slightly less stressful, and it’s all about forward planning.

Never Complete On A Friday

Friday is the most popular day of the week for families looking to move home, and that’s mainly because after the initial move, you then have the whole weekend to get things settled before getting back to work on Monday. However, there are downsides to Friday being the most popular choice. The first one is the fact that removal companies are much busier on a Friday- the issue with this is that removal companies will push up the prices towards the end of the week, so if you can move in a Wednesday instead, that would be much better. The other reason is that if anything goes wrong with handing over the keys or the paperwork, the issue won’t be sorted over the weekend, meaning you’ll be trapped until Monday when people are back in the office.

Hire A Professional Moving Company

If you want to make the move less stressful for you and save yourself hiring a van and enlisting your friend to help with the move, hire a professional mover such as MyBekins moving companies. You’ll save time and money on making several trips with your goods, and also, you’ll be insured for any damages to your belongings in transit.

Declutter Your Home

When you have kids especially, you’ll find yourself with a lot of random items in your home that never get used. When children get toys for Christmas, they inevitably play with them for one day and then 99% of them are never touched again. Consider having a clear out of old items and things which don’t get used. You’ll free up space in your home to make packing easier, but also you won’t have to unpack loads of random items when you reach your new home.

Plan Where Everything Will Go

If you love making lists, then this will be a cathartic way to be productive in your moving process. Sit down and draw out your current set up at your old home. Label it with furniture and where certain items go, such as books and DVDs. Once you’ve done that and you’ve listed where everything currently is in the home, make a drawing of your new house. Now take the time to draw where your furniture will go, and where you items will go. As you pack, label up your boxes by room and items, then when you get to your new house you’ll be able to put the right boxes in the right rooms ready for you to make yourself at home.

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