Quick And Easy Techniques To Bump Up The Value Of Your Home

If you’ve spotted a dream house on the market, you might suddenly find yourself under pressure to start marketing your own home for a quick sale. That means you have limited time to give it the facelift needed to reach the best price you can get. There is no time for clever building works, conversions or even renovations. All you can do is make the most of what you already have. Are you ready?


Clear Out

The quickest and easiest thing you can do to impress the real estate agent and potential buyers is to clear everything out. This gives the illusion of more space, and it offers a tidy home to create those wow photos you need to sell. How can you clear it all out? There might not be a lot of time to sort and tidy. Instead, box everything up for each room. You can store it in a rented storage unit, or even in the car! Do take the extra time to clear out the garage and shed. These are important additions to your home that buyers will be interested in.

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Once all the clutter is gone, you can start to see just how much space there really is. You might also see the odd mark on the wall or a carpet stain or two. We’ll come to those in a minute. What you’re trying to sell isn’t just a spacious home. You want to sell a desirable lifestyle too. Tidy up and clear out to make the home look easy to manage.

Paint and Cover

Painting the whole house on your own might be too big a challenge. Instead, focus on the most obvious areas. Of course, there are professional house painters that can whizz through inside and out to leave a high-quality finish in just one day. It’s certainly worth considering this easy and fast option because if you end up not moving, you still benefit from a professional paint job!

The flooring takes too long to replace. If you only have the weekend before the agent comes over to take photos, you need to attempt some stain removal yourself. Professional carpet cleaning machines are easy to rent and use. Alternatively, carefully place a couple of rugs to hide the worst of the problems. Once the photos are done, you can always fix the details.

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Now the house is tidy and fresh, arrange the furniture in the correct rooms. That means you need to give each room a purpose or function. Make sure every bedroom has a bed and side table. The dining room should be dressed ready for a meal. And the living room should have sociable seating laid out.

Last, but not least, is your yard and gardens. Mow, weed, and trim everything to tidy it all up. Borrow some pots with flowering plants to add that extra splash of attractive color. Now you’re junk-free, tidy, and ready for those all-important marketing photos. Have you done enough to get the very best valuation?

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