Quick Tips for Decorating with Accessories

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It’s amazing how drastically a room can change when you add a few well-picked accessories, like rugs, throws and art prints into the mix. If you’re bored with your bedroom or think your living room is a bit lacklustre, you don’t need to carry out a massive renovation project to make a difference, all it takes is a few choice accessories to give the place a lift.

To ensure you get it right, here are some simple tips for decorating with accessories that will bring your room together and elevate it to new levels of beauty:


Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to decorating your home with accessories, you should always aim to follow this simple mantra. One beautiful sideboard will usually look better than lower-quality one, even if it is covered with all manner of knick-knacks, which have sucked up the budget, but which were individually cheap and low quality. Remember this when you’re shopping for accessories, and you shouldn’t go far wrong.


It’s All About Proportion

In terms of accessories, proportions are the biggest indicator of success or failure. If for example, you choose a rug that’s the size of a dollar and place it in a room the size of a large banquet hall, it’s going to look silly, but choose one that takes up all of your floor space, and it could overwhelm. So, take the time to study the scale of your room, preferably measuring it, and make sure to find pieces that will fill the space without overtaking it.

Lot of Colors and Textures

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Most of us opt to choose rather neutral couches, walls and furnishings because they never go out of fashion and they go with everything, however, they can be a bit boring! That’s where accessories come in; choose a set of
Hunter Douglas roman shades in pretty pastel colors, place a furry pink throw over your couch or throw a pretty Persian rug on the floor and the combination of colors and tactile fabric textures will bring the interest factor. If you want, you can change these accessories with the seasons, so that your home always looks right on trend.


The Rule of Threes

If you’re buying multiples of a  particular accessory, such as a set of Yankee candles or decorative figurines, for some reason, they tend to look better when grouped together in threes. Most of us would naturally buy accessories in groups of two or four, but they just don’t look quite as balanced. Remember this and always use the rule of threes if your want your home decor to look more balanced.

You can make the rule of threes more interesting by using three different accessories to create it. A good example of this would be a mirror with a plant next to it on one side and a candle or knick-knack on the other.

If you bear in mind these tips, and you remember to build up layers of accessories, starting with bigger items like throws and rugs and finishing off with pillows, candles and knick-knacks, you will easily be able to improve the look and feel of your home without too much work and certainly without breaking the bank.

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