Teach Your Children About Road Safety


It’s very important that your children know about road safety so that they are able to keep themselves safe and out of harm’s way – especially when going to and from school. Having said that, you don’t want to give them too much information either, otherwise they won’t be able to retain everything.

Here are the basics that should be learned.


Know the signals

Your children should be aware of all the different signs that are out on the road, from the meanings of the traffic light colors, to the basic signs.

– Green means go. All the vehicles must move.

– Red means stop. All the vehicles must stop.

– Yellow means slow down. All the vehicles slow down and get ready to stop.

– The picture of the green man walking means you can cross the road. Always make sure you look left and right even when the cars have stopped.

– The picture of the red man walking means you must not cross the road.

Stop, look, then cross if safe

If your children walk to and from school, then they will most likely have to cross a couple of roads. If your children don’t know about how to be safe, your children may be involved in an accident on the road, and if at the fault of another, you will want to contact companies like Babcock Partners to get the compensation you deserve. But no one wants that to happen, so make sure they are aware of their surroundings.

They should always look right, then left, and then right again to be extra certain there are no vehicles coming. And if there is, they should wait patiently until the road is completely clear.

They should never cross at a bend in the road, because they won’t be able to see if something is coming. They should also never cross between stationary vehicles as they may begin to move, and the drive might not have seen your child.


Listen to the sounds

It’s important for your children to know that you can’t always see what is coming, but you may be able to hear it instead, so they should keep their eyes and ears open for oncoming vehicles.

If your children hear a horn, they should stop and look in both directions to see if a vehicle is approaching. They should also listen out for engine noises close by, because that will identify if a vehicle is near. The louder it is, the closer it is, and vice versa.


Don’t run on roads

Your children need to know that roads aren’t something to play on, they are for vehicles and vehicles only. They should not have a game of football on them, or even try to run when crossing, because this may result in them falling down, and a car not being able to stop in time.

Children can be very easily distracted at times, so you must make the rules very clear while explaining why, so that if you’re not there watching them, they still know and remember not to do these things. As long as your children pay attention when by the road, there shouldn’t be any problems.


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