The True Benefits Of Leasing Your Family Vehicle

Lots of families wonder if it’s better to lease or purchase their next vehicle. After the recent post claiming that owning a car is more expensive than most people imagine, it made sense to publish this as a follow-up. There is an info-graphic at the bottom of this page that should help to set the record straight if you still have concerns. The benefits of leasing include:


No need to stress about depreciation

If you buy a car, it loses value the moment you drive the vehicle away. When you lease an automobile, that depreciation doesn’t matter. You pay a flat rate every month and hand the car back when you’re finished. You can also swap and change cars at any time.


No need to worry about repairs

When you own a vehicle, you have to cover the cost of repairs. The same is not true if you opt for a leasing deal. The company you select will carry out all the repairs and any work the engine requires. So, you’re free to focus on living your life.

You only have to make affordable payments

In most instances, you won’t pay a fortune each month to lease your vehicle. If you select something mid-range that is suitable for family use, you should have no concerns. Expect to pay between $150 and $400 per month depending on the model you choose.

Now you know about the real benefits of leasing a car, you should make better decisions moving forward. Good luck with everything!

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