Dealing With The Ants In Your Child’s Pants

All children have personality quirks. Some are quiet; others are loud. Some are caring, others not so much. And, what we’ll be looking at today, some are fidgeters, while others never develop the habit.

While general opinion varies, some kids just seem more inclined to fidget. Such kids find it difficult to sit still for extended periods. And, despite the fact that the issue appears to be unconscious, some parents go as far as to consider it bad behavior. Even those who are more lenient can soon reach the end of their tether.

Before taking any action, it’s essential you ensure there’s no deeper reason for this behavior. Kids with attention deficit disorder often fidget in an attempt to use up excess energy. Visit your doctor and rule these issues out from the off.

If the issue is nothing more sinister than a case of the fidgets, tackle the issue. To help, we’re going to look at a few instances where unwanted movement most definitely needs to come to an end.



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How many times have drinks spilt at meal time because of your little fidget? It can be tough eating when the table’s jiggling all over the place. And, a jerking leg is all it takes to make that happen. Extreme fidgeters may even struggle to sit down for the duration of the meal. And, when one of your kids refuses to sit, it can cause issues for everyone. To make meals more bearable, give these hacks a try. Keeping meals to no longer than 15 minutes may help your child focus. It’s also worth having everything served before calling the kids so that there’s no waiting around. Try, too, to develop a reward system for no-fidget meals.

Car rides

Mealtime fidgeting may be annoying, but the same issue could cause serious accidents in the car. If the whole vehicle is shaking, the driver could crash. Not to mention that the change could throw the balance of the car altogether. As such, it’s essential to tackle this issue straight away. For fidgeting toddlers, a car seat is always a good idea.Parenting Pod has details about the safest car seats available, or you could head to a shop local to you and take a look at their selections. You want something which will hold your child for the duration. Bear in mind, too, that most kids fidget because they’re bored. With this in mind, develop ways to keep them busy through car rides. An iPad would be good for this, or even a coloring book.

In school

If your child fidgets in school, they could soon find themselves in trouble. Obviously, that’s not what you want, but how can you stop it? For the most part, you need to work with their teacher here. After all, you won’t be there when it happens. Together, you and the teacher should be able to come up with something, much like the reward system you use for meals, which will reduce the issue.

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