Get Real! The Importance of Being Reasonable With Your Health Goals

We are fast approaching the new year. When it comes to self-improvement this late in the year, many of us will delay things. We’ll claim that there’s no point in trying to change our lifestyle or better ourselves until the new year rolls in. But this is a huge problem. New Year’s resolutions are rarely carried out and maintained. Most people will have completely forgotten their proposed changes by the end of the month! This is just one of the reasons that we need to start being a little more logical and realistic with our goals. In particular, let’s focus on health goals. Rather than thinking that we will transform into a new, proactive person on the 1st January, it’s time to accept that we are unlikely to change that dramatically simply because a new year has begun. In fact, we are still going to be exactly the same people. We are still likely to have the same cravings for junk food. We probably won’t suddenly fancy spending thirty minutes on the cross trainer in the gym. We most certainly aren’t suddenly going to smile at a salad and drool at the thought of green smoothies. But we can make small changes to our lifestyle and routine that will better our health. Here are a couple of things to consider.

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Think of how many people take out gym memberships during the first week of January. So many premium plans are taken out and left unused for the term of the contract. That’s so much cash going straight down the drain! So why do so many of us neglect our gym memberships? Well, firstly we may have opted for somewhere that is out of the way and difficult to get to. After the first few trips, the novelty wears thin, and we start questioning the cost and time involved in getting there. Second, we realise that the classes we were initially interested in happen to clash with our work timetables and other responsibilities. So, rather than deciding to timetable your week around the gym, why not fit exercise around your general routine instead? Invest in a yoga mat and do your sun salutations from the comfort of your own home before work. Take a brisk walk around the local park on your lunch break; a quick hike in the woods behind your house. Whatever you the time and means to do, take up that opportunity. It will feel more natural and less forced. Seizing individual moments will also eradicate the sense of foreboding that comes with allocated gym times. Results may not be as quick as if you hit the gym in all of your spare time. But the results will be more sustainable. You can also use shorter-term solutions to see desired changes in your figure in the meantime. If you find yourself questioning “do waist trainers work?”, this page could answer all of your queries. It may be time to invest in one!

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Another resolution that people try out is designated relaxation time. We promise ourselves that we’ll dedicate an entire day every week to self-care. Perhaps we intend to book a spa treatment every weekend or dedicate a weeknight to waxing, shaving, facemasks and a long soak in the bath with deep conditioning hair treatments. While this sounds great and feasible, the sad reality is that life gets in the way and your plans for routine self-care time quickly go out of the window. But the good news is that if you are a little more flexible with your plans, you truly can achieve the benefits of these kinds of activities and treatments; you might just have to settle for small doses rather than longer periods of time dedicated to them. There are simple ways to incorporate spa-like experiences into your everyday routines. When you are showering wash and rinse your hair first, so you can then put a deep conditioning treatment on your hair while you undertake the rest of your tasks in the shower. Have a rich salt scrub in reach that you can use instead of your usual shower gel every now and then. Use deep cleansing brushes such as a Clarisonic while washing your face to get all of the dirt out of your pores. These simple steps will add barely any time to your daily routine, but will work a world of wonders on your body! This is much more reasonable and achievable that conducting a home spa experience regularly.

Apply a little realism to any goals that concern your overall health and wellbeing. This will allow you to see your desired results in a more reasonable time and encourage you to make small differences to your everyday life that you can actually keep up with!

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