Refresh and Relax This Weekend


Now that the countdown to Christmas is beginning, what were once cosy, relaxing evenings in are now turning into online shopping sessions and planning for the big day. It is at times like these that many of us can become very stressed out and unable to break free from that feeling of helplessness, and it is at these times that we need to take the opportunity to step back, relax and refresh.

  1. Exercise Regularly

A huge contributing factor to us feeling low and stressed is down to lack of movement. Sitting behind a desk all day not only strains our eyes, but it also makes our muscles weaker than they should be. Exercising every few days for a while will help you to relax your mind and focus on something else for a while- it is also great for releasing hormones into your bloodstream which promote a better mood.

  1. Plan Your Days

Before you start you day, plan it. The simple act of sitting down and planning out what you need to achieve each day as well as the priority for each task can go a long way to helping you cope with your workload and feel more on top of your life. Try it out for a month and see what difference it makes to the way you feel.

  1. Prioritise Tasks

The key to reducing stress levels is to prioritise your tasks effectively and learn when it best to complete a certain task each day. It might be that you’ve got a few big projects you’ve been putting off for a while, but now that you have planned them out, you can get cracking and finish the tasks which are the most important to you and your work. It also means that you don’t waste valuable times doing small menial tasks in place of more important ones.

  1. Finish Tasks Before Starting New Ones

When you take on a task or project, make sure that you see it through to the end and dedicate your time to it. This is a crucial part of time management and will mean that once you finish, the task is done and you can focus on something else instead. This is a great way to refresh you mind because once a job is done, you have room in your mind for a new task.

  1. Step Back

Sometimes you need to learn when to step away from the desk and take time to refresh your body and mind. Rather than staying in all weekend, take a trip to the countryside or a beach. It is proven that being out and about amongst nature is a great way to refresh our souls and get us ready to tackle the next week. If you live near a woodland, take some time each evening to take a small walk through the forest and enjoy the calm and serenity of the outdoors.

  1. Recharge Mentally

It is important that as part of a healthy lifestyle, we also look after our mental health. The mind can be a fragile thing, and when you put it under stress constantly it can fracture. Every week make a point of spending a couple of hours alone. Run a bath in your standalone tub, light some candles around the room and soak your bones for a while. Then get out your favourite book, snuggle up on the sofa and read. It is a great form of escapism as well as keeping your mind active without thinking about life’s stresses or work.

  1. Split Up Your Working Weeks

One of the best ways to get through work without feeling fatigued and stressed out is to split up your time. Every day, split up your tasks into small hour segments, it will add variety to your day and keep your mind on the ball. You can do the same thing with your week and mix up the days when you complete certain tasks in order to keep your mind active and happy.

Another great way to split your time is to try and book a day off every month. If you have 4 weeks holiday each year, you could use two of those for family holidays and then split the rest throughout the year. Having something to look forward to every 6 weeks or so will help you to stay motivated and productive. The thought that a break is always around the corner can really help you feel refreshed when you hit a slump in your work.

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