Making Money From Home: Some Ideas For The New Year

The new year often brings with it a month of feeling a little low. You have had all the fun and festivities of the Christmas period. Enjoying time with the family, eating all of the gorgeous prepared food, and laughing at some of the old classic Christmas movies showing on repeat on the TV. New year, of course, has its own element of fun as you toast to the next year and think about the resolutions you want to make. But then January comes, and you can start to feel a little deflated as the bills roll in from Christmas and you have that long wait for payday. However, there are some great ways you can make some money from home. I wanted to share with you what some of them are in the hope they can help you boost your income in the new year and beyond.



Declutter your home and get selling

Christmas means that you have possibly gained a few more items for your home. It might be children’s toys, new clothes, or other things to display in your home. So it might feel like your home is feeling a little more cluttered than normal. Use this as a big opportunity to get your home in order and declutter every room. Using platforms like eBay makes selling your items online much easier. Things like old toys, clothes and other items can sell really well as people are always looking for a bargain, but it can also help people in need who may want something and just can’t afford to buy things brand new. Doing this clears your home and raises some vital cash for you in January.

Try your hand at trading

Trading stocks and shares may sound scary, but it can actually be very lucrative if you take your time to understand it. There are some great applications online that you can use and information such as tastyworks paper trading to guide you through the process. Start of with a small amount and be careful how you do it. You never know you just might strike lucky at the right time and make a small fortune. The problem with trading is there is never a guarantee, but it can certainly pay out well if you are careful and not greedy with it.


Fill out online surveys or perform mystery shops

Finally, using your spare time to make a little extra cash is a great way to boost your income. There are many websites online that can really work out for you, and it is as simple as filling out your surveys while watching TV at night. Mystery shopping can be a little more involved, but not only do you get a fee for doing it, you can also get things for free such as some of your shopping paid for or a meal out in a restaurant. Again all the little bits saved and the extra money you make can go a long way for making your January budget stretch further.

I hope some of these options inspire you to make some extra cash in the new year.

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