Video Games: A Waste Of Time Or Something Sublime?

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Being a parent always comes with loads of tricky decision making. The food for dinner, the latest toy on the market, and that extra hour up at night are all things you child might ask for, and sometimes you’ll have to say no. Of course, in a lot of cases, you’ll know exactly how much you’re willing let your child do what they like. But, when it comes to things like video games, there can be a lot of conflicting information and broad ideas around on the internet.

In the case of something like video games, arguments go both ways, and a lot of people struggle to know what to allow their child to have. One of the biggest areas of concern is that your child may not fit in at school if they aren’t allowed to play the same games as their friends. In reality, though, this is more of an issue surrounding the social structures children build and doesn’t have much to do with games. Of course, though, it’s still something most parents will want to consider.

You can find a wide range of different reasons for games being used with children, as well as a good deal of arguments against them, too. To help you to understand these, you can find an overview of them below.



  • The Benefits


Education: In recent years, a lot of companies have moved their focus from games purely designed to entertain to options to be used in schools. Learning skills like maths, programming, and even video making is possible using something which is also fun and enjoyable. A lot of educational establishments have been using these techniques, and it can make sense to do so from home, too.

Safety: A lot of families live in cities and large towns, nowadays, and this can make it hard for parents to feel safe with their children outside in the busy streets. With the right games, safety doesn’t have to be a concern, as measures will be in place to keep your child from any harm. Of course, though, you might want to research a game before committing to it.

Social Development: As time has gone on, more and more games have started to be based online, enabling people to play with their friends and people across the internet. This sort of social interaction can be very healthy when the right measures are taken. You should always do some research when you first choose a game, as each will have a different kind of community and following.


  • The Negatives


Time: When a kid is going through school, has exams in the mix, or is trying to manage a weekend job, it will be hard to fit games into their routine without other areas falling apart. This is one of the largest concerns a parent will have when their child wants to play, especially with a lot of modern games being hard to get away from.

Gambling: Along with eating time, some modern titles will also be very prone to eating money, too. Microtransactions are bringing gaming closer and closer to traditional gambling, and most don’t have anything in place to stop children from using them. Of course, this can be avoided by simply not giving your kids access to bank accounts until they are older.

The Risks: Though most modern games are designed to be incredibly safe, preventing issues for your kids and stopping them from being lead astray by other users. But, this isn’t always enough, and some kids end up getting into trouble when they’re using the web. Good education can help to solve this issue, but might not be enough if your child is very young.

In reality, it’s impossible to come up with a definite answer, as all games are different. Some are aimed at adults, including bad language, violence, and other things you might not want your children exposed to. Others, though, are designed to be used in an educational environment, making them great if they’re used at the right age. This makes it important assess each and every game your child plays. With new opportunities to
experience Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire and other, it’s become a lot easier to find out about the titles available. Of course, though, no one can do this research for you.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working harder on the decisions you make for your children. In most cases, you will have to think about each decision as it comes, as there will be no blanket answer to the complex issues you’re facing.

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