Baby Fears and How to Handle Them Like a Confident Parent

Raising a family can be stressful and difficult. One of the biggest problems that we typically face is that we’re scared. We’re scared of every little thing that our baby does or doesn’t do and it can cause undue stress that will completely change your mood. Whether it’s a baby that is constantly crying that you have trouble stopping or the fear that an accident will happen when you leave the house, we’ve put together some of the most common baby fears and how you can get over them.

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Fears of leaving your own home


Raising a child in the city comes with many different fears. Parents are naturally protective of their children and even when they’re slightly older, we still don’t trust them to walk outside alone especially when there is traffic, crime and other problems that could cause harm to our children. To make things worse, there’s always the possibility of nasty germs floating around in the air that could potentially make your child fall ill.


However, you need to remember that staying indoors is no good for either you or your child.


Babies love the great outdoors because it allows them to see and experience new things. Germs are a legitimate concern, but keep in mind that if you shelter your child indoor for long periods of time they won’t be exposed to colds and viruses. While this sounds like a bad idea, you have to remember that our immune system builds itself up over time as we’re exposed to different illnesses. Yes, no parent likes to see their child getting sick, but it’s a natural part of growing up and becoming an adult that your child will eventually need to go through if you want them to be healthy.


Fears of leaving your child alone to sleep


No one likes to leave their child in a separate room or keep them in their cot. Parents want to watch over their children all the time so that in the event something does go wrong, we can be there to make things better. While it’s completely practical to always watch over your child, there will be times when you need to step out or where you’ll be distracted.


Thankfully, there are many different baby monitors that will help to alleviate the stress of leaving your child alone. For example, you may want to take a look at an Owlet Smart Sock 2 baby monitor review for a baby monitor that can be worn as a sock. These advanced pieces of technology are fantastic because they can measure vital signs in addition to warning you if something happens. It’s the perfect device for worried parents and it can greatly increase your peace of mind.


Of course, there are also cameras and other baby monitoring devices that will put your mind at ease. It’s important to take a look around to see what works for you. Keep in mind that many of these devices can get incredibly expensive, especially if they hook up to your home network so you can monitor your child even when you’re outside doing the gardening or leaving your child in the care of a family member.

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Fears of your child crawling around into danger


Leaving your baby to crawl or even walk around is a great way to help them develop an idea of how they can move their bodies, and it also helps them get a little bit of early exercise. However, if your home isn’t prepared for a baby then there are many dangers that could cause them harm. Unstable cabinets and shelves can fall onto our child, power outlets are at crawl-height and there could be sharp objects or germs on our carpets if we neglect them. They could even bump into sharp corners and other furniture objects that will injure them.


With so many dangers at crawl-height, you need to manually assess your home and get rid of any of these dangers that you find. Consider getting on your knees and crawling around at the height your baby does. Identify which power sockets are within easy reach and look for any sharp corners that your baby might bump into. You can usually purchase cushioners or protectors that will prevent your child from hurting themselves on these sharp edges and dangers. There are many more ways to babyproof your home, so try and consider these before you have your child or as early as possible so your child can adapt to it.


If your home is too large or too cluttered for this, then you may want to designate a baby area and seal it off with a safety gate. As long as the gate cannot be accidentally opened by your child, it will keep them safe in their own space away from any potential dangers.


Fears of childcare services


There have been some horror stories regarding neglect in some childcare centres and it can really put us off the idea of hiring anyone but trusted and close family members to help take care of our children. This will eventually force us to limit ourselves to what we can do and it can be a serious hindrance that will reduce our quality of life and even affect our wellbeing.


However, it’s good to remember that the media will focus on many of the negative aspects of childcare just to create a sensational article. The truth is, there’s an incredibly low chance of your child being neglected at a childcare centre, and that’s only if you don’t take the time to speak with the carers and look at the services they provide. Check out some reviews if possible and learn about the care centre before you register with them. Don’t be afraid to look for a personal carer if you’re not comfortable putting your child in a location with other kids, or if you want a more personalized service from someone that you can form a relationship with.

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