Being a Mom is a Full-time Job

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When you first become a Mommy, life changes forever. Now it’s not just yourself you need to look after, you also have this tiny bundle of joy who seems to take up every minute of the day – even when they are sleeping!

For the first few weeks, you and your newborn will have an intensive relationship, sleeping and waking at the same time, and becoming almost inseparable. But then there will come a choice – do you want to be a stay at home mom or do you want to go back to work? Can you find a compromise?

There is no ‘right’ answer to deciding whether you want to return to work. It comes down to what feels right for you and your baby. For many women, the first couple of years are ideally spent at home, but after a while, it’s time to return to work. For other women, getting back to work as soon as possible is a must.

However long you leave it, going back to work, even just part-time or working from home, is always a possibility. Motherhood isn’t just a fact of life, it’s also the perfect way to learn all sorts of transferable skills like negotiation, health and well being and teaching. In fact, many employers would love to read your CV now you are ready to return to work.

You Have New Skills

Raising a baby or a child is a constant process of learning. You need to figure out what they want before they know themselves, be able to offer advice on tap and even figure out new recipes to persuade them to eat the hidden vegetables inside.

It’s easy to discount all of these new skills as just ‘mothering’ but think about it for a minute. Who wouldn’t want to hire someone who is willing to spend an afternoon researching the best ways to teach fine motor skills to toddlers or figuring out how to deal with the latest household disaster? Your ability to learn these things is your finest quality.

You Are Intuitive and Caring

Kids are selfish and before you had them you were too. Now you get the whole spectrum of social and emotional needs but instead of being judgemental, you deal with them kindly and with the greatest care. In fact, your intuition and caring nature is the foundation for courses like an online MSW programme so if you aren’t sure what you want to do, this could be a good option.

You are Willing to Work Hard

You may not have as much work experience as your peers but if Mommy’s know one thing, it is how to work hard. Being a mom is a full-time occupation – especially in those first few weeks – and you have already learned to put your own needs aside for the time being while you focus on getting a job done.

Being a mom is an amazing thing and while you shouldn’t feel pressured either way, what you should know is that if you do choose to return to work, no matter when you do it, you will still have a lot to offer your prospective employer.

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