Give Yourself The Gift Of Time For Your Wellbeing

Sometimes, all you need is an hour to get away from it all, clear your head, and feel human again. Sometimes it can take longer! Of course, it’s important to make the most of any time you might have to yourself to maximize every moment. So make a plan, commit to the activity, and indulge for the good of you:


An Hour In The Bath

Not everyone is a soaker, so you might need a little incentive to stay in the water for this long. Add a bubbly jet spa, some tunes or a bathroom TV, and you can switch off completely for a full hour. The bubbles can gently pummel the muscles, easing away the stresses of the day. The water soaks and cleanses the skin to give you that wonderfully fresh and soft sensation. Now you just need to find the motivation to get out of the tub again.


An Hour In School

It’s not always about those little indulgences that help the skin or hair feel glorious. Occasionally it can be worth giving the brain a little stretch and workout too. You don’t have to sign up for formal qualifications. But adding a short course or two to your resume might even do your career some good. Why not choose something fun like cookery or paper folding? Pick a class, or sign up for something that will give your skill set a big boost.

When was the last time you learned something new? Picture source


An Hour At The Gym

Ordinarily, most of us have a great excuse for avoiding the gym. Kids, careers, and housework can all get in the way of most things in life. It is, however, worth checking out some of the activities that are on at your local gym. They’re designed to be fun and engaging as well as benefiting your fitness. Why not schedule a class with a friend or two so you can make it into a social event. Your body and your physical well being will thank you for it. No doubt your friends will appreciate the motivating factor of having you there to spur them on.


An Hour With A Good Book

When was the last time you sat down and read more than a chapter? Perhaps you’ve forgotten who the main characters are or maybe just lost the plot! Fiction writing is good for the imagination and helps to sooth us emotionally as it offers an escape. Joining a book club can often encourage us to put in the time for some reading. You can head to a library and pick something from the shelf. Or maybe you’ve seen a review and fancied checking out a best seller?

Grab that hour back and escape in a great story. Picture source


An hour of reading might not seem much, and it certainly won’t get you through a whole book. But if you can take some time out for a chapter or two each day or each evening, you’ll soon get to the end. Have you missed reading?


An Hour To Tell A Story

If you see a counselor or therapist, the timer is often set for an hour. You’re not likely to be doing all the talking during that time, but you are probably focusing on you quite a lot! If you need this time to work through complex life issues, why not book an appointment? Some types of therapy work quite well over the phone or on Skype too. Of course, if all you need is to bend an ear for a while, then why not phone a good friend or a family member? Tell your story, get your frustrations heard, and feel much better at the end of the hour.

An Hour To Meditate

Not many people can stay in a meditative state for a full hour. You don’t really have to. But dedicating an hour to mental focus and calm can be very therapeutic, and it’s good for your wellbeing. There are several approaches to this. You might try a Yoga practice session. Yoga practices the art of focused breathing. It is used to energize the body as well as offering better clarity of thought. Best of all, your body is getting the benefit too. You’re stretching for flexibility and strengthening your muscles too.


Tai Chi is another activity that benefits the body and mind together. These slow, focused movements are good for offering a better flow of the energy in the body.



You should feel that your circulation is improved and your balance restored as well. Sitting in a meditative state for a long time takes a lot of mental discipline. You need the ability to relax and switch off from everything around you with ease. It takes practice.


You might start with a guided meditation that might include some visualization. A simple five-minute practice session can get you in the zone. From there, you might aim to practice two or three more times each week to increase the amount of time you allow for yourself in this state.


An Hour To Walk Through A Park

Do you have a park nearby? Spring is always the best time for a stroll through parkland, but you might find the beauty in the landscape all year round. Walking boosts the heart rate and circulation. It can help to bring fresh, healthy oxygen into your body and gives the legs a good stretch just when you need it. You might hear the birds sing, watch the trees sway in the breeze, or the ducks glide across the lake. Take ten or fifteen minutes to sit on a bench at your favorite vantage point too.



Your well being is just as important as your kids’ health, the cleanliness of your home, and meeting your boss’s crazy deadlines. It’s always a good idea to take at least an hour of your day and focus it entirely on you. After all, you’re not much good to anyone if you’re too frazzled to cope anymore. Use your hour to take care of your physical, mental, and emotional well being. What do you do with yours?

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