Matt Damon Is Right – We Should Downsize!

Matt Damon is a legend for a reason. He’s one of the youngest Oscar winners ever. He’s famed for his persona and personality. And, in 2015, he survived on Mars for months by farming potatoes. More recently, he starred in a film called Downsizing. Apart from being another Damon triumph, the movie has lots of parallels with modern life.

Let’s face it – who doesn’t want to downsize? Life can be hectic at times, especially for families. Sometimes, it’s better to have a small amount of quality than a great deal of quantity. In today’s society, it’s a theory that’s difficult to remember but Downsizing does it perfectly.

So, with that movie firmly in mind, let’s apply it to the home. A person’s house should be their castle, but a fortress is far too big. Here’s how to minimize it and everything else on your property.

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Simple Floor Plans

Walking through a modern living room is like trying to get out of a maze. It’s impossible to head in a straight line and find an exit. The reason, aside from the clutter, is the complicated layout. To try and mix feng shui and natural elements, homeowners scatter furniture and accessories all over the house. Minimalist houses are much less complex and far easier to navigate. Why? It’s because these properties stack belongings on top of one another to create extra space. A coffee table with a lamp is a prime example and one to keep in mind. Bookcases and high shelves also work wonders. Items that double as storage are fantastic space-savers, too, as are minimal walls.

Smaller Furniture

Furnishings in every room in the house are large and bulky. From the fridge to a mattress, they are all big and it seems weird to buy anything smaller. Of course, colossal fittings don’t work on a minimal property which is why they need downsizing. Do you have a three-seater sofa? Turn that into a two-seater and get rid of an armchair. Is the set of table and chairs dominating the kitchen? Economize by buying a smaller version that is sleeker and slimmer. One room which is tricky is the bedroom. Contemplating how to find furniture for your bedroom that fits is a mystery until you get creative. A king-sized mattress can turn into a queen-sized one, or you can opt for twin beds. In fact, some items don’t need to be in the room whatsoever. Anyone who has a chair or sofa should remove it ASAP.

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Clear The Mess

Who are we kidding? The house is a tip! That’s not a shot because we all know how hard it is to maintain a clean home with kids. Plus, it’s not dirt and grime that’s a problem but discarded toys, clothes, and general knick-knacks. A minimalist house can’t wait for you to stub your toe before you make a move, so you should be proactive. As a rule, try and provide everything in the house with a home. That way, you will know where to put items that are strewn over the floor. Toys might go in the kid’s room while shoes go on the porch and coats on a hook or stand. Another excellent tip is to clean five-minutes a day, every day. It’s amazing what you can clear in 300 seconds.


Open Sesame

Compartmentalizing is the opposite of minimalism. To reduce the amount of stuff in the house, you can’t create separate rooms and store things. The walls alone make the property seem stuffy and swollen. Therefore, every room in your home should be open plan. That means knocking down walls and conjoining two spaces and making them one. You already know about the simplicity element, but there is the benefit of light too. Bare properties can feel cold and disinteresting because there aren’t lots of belongings to occupy the space. To avoid the house from seeming boring, you should use light to give it an interesting appeal. For one thing, bright lights can create a contrast between the soft, warm colors on the wall and the powerful beam. Another reason to use them in a minimalist home is that they illuminate the best features. Just shine their glare in the right direction or place fittings closer.


Material Texture

Boredom is a potential problem and it needs fixing as soon as possible. The last thing a homeowner wants to do is live on a property that is dull. Seen as you can’t add excitement with accessories, you should think outside of the box and use materials. Mostly, the palette of a house will use one or two substances, but you want to add more. Instead of just concrete and glass, make sure you add wood, tiles, carpet, and wallpaper. All of these are brilliant at adding texture and contrast, and that makes the home pretty animated. A word of warning: don’t use them all in one room. Carpet and tiles won’t go together, so don’t waste time and energy. Instead, stick with basic trends such as a rug on a hardwood floor. Or, you can tile the walls and use laminate on the ground.

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Simple Detailing

As with all things in life, the small details can make a big impact. Interior design is no different as a basic door handle can seem cluttered and messy. But, what about drawers and wardrobes you cry? In truth, the little knobs are unnecessary additions that are straightforward to dismiss. The key is in the detailing as the crisp, clean lines an act as a handle in the same way without being jumbled. Simply use panels as wardrobes or drawers and fit them with indentations. That way, you get the benefit of simple wood boards without the pointless accessories. You can apply the same method to the rest of the house, from window trims to entry points. As the saying goes, the devil is in the details.

Downsizing your home can reduce stress and save money as well as time. So, are you ready to follow Matt Damon’s example?

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