Make Family Life Less Stressful This Month



Family is the most important thing our lives, and we will do anything for the people who are closest to us. Family can be entertaining, they love us and they will always support us: however family life is not always a breeze.

When you live in a house with people 24/7 you won’t always get on. There will always be different opinions and you might sometimes get a little stressed with each other. The issue is when the time you are stressed outways the time you are all happy. If you feel like you need to make your family life less stressful this year, here are some ways to do it.


Don’t divvy up chores

One of the things you may think makes sense in your family home is to give everyone a specific chore to do each day or each week. However, when you live in a home where everyone has jobs, your home starts to feel more like a chore than the chores themselves. The key to being happy and keeping your home tidy is to teach your family to respect their home. Don’t just tell them to do the dishes, make them understand why they need to be done. Once you start to bring the reasons why into the home,you will find that everyone starts to do the tasks without you needing to ask. It saves you feeling like your are nagging, and them from feeling like they are being forced. Make tasks easier for people to do by getting your post with a physical address to save sorting the post, make sure everyone washes their own items once they have used them to save one person having to wash everything, and so on. Make jobs more simple and manageable, and make your family understand the importance.  

Make time for each other

The main thing which families struggle to do is spend enough time together during the week. This can strain family relationships because they are no longer close knit. If you feel as if you family barely knows each other, you can make a change and me a specific time each week when you will all have family time. It could be that you go out shopping, go for a walk, play games at home or even just have dinner. All you need to do is make time for the people you love each week and take time to catch up.

Make dinner

It might seem like a strange way to reduce stress, but making food from scratch can actually make your family life more happy because everyone will be eating good quality food and they will also respect you more. You can even get everyone in the family involved in making the meal and this gives you time to bond as well as a fun place to teach your children life skills. It can make meal times a much more communal thing and it will be much more enjoyable every evening if the week.

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