Making the Right Pet Choice for Your Family

Choosing to add a new face to your family is exciting but it also takes some research to get right. The default pet most people head for is a fluffy puppy, but that isn’t always the best or most compatible pet for your family. The list below touches upon some of the other fantastic pets that are both great for families and brilliant in their own right too.  

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Best Friend For Life

There have been hundreds of studies done on the benefits of owning a dog, from getting more active to the chances of surviving a heart attack being higher.

Some of the other reasons are:

  •    Dogs have been shown to help reduce stress in children with Autism, a study at the University of Montréal showed the hormones associated with stress were dramatically reduced when in contact or living with a service dog.
  •    Children of all ages learn to take care of something. The responsibility element of a dog shouldn’t go underestimated when making a list of reasons a dog might make a great pet for your family.
  •   Spend some time browsing the little bundles of delight on Puppy Joy. The excitement of a new puppy arriving in the home is almost as exciting, if not more, than Christmas! From buying what might be the new pups favorite toy, to water bowls and blankets. It is an exciting time.
  •    Children with dogs get more exercise than those without these furry friends. This one is pretty simple, puppies and dogs like to run, jump and play for years. The kids will be the best companion and full of energy ready to burn.

Remember to do plenty of research into breeds and the suitability of your home and family ages. Some puppies grow into huge dogs indeed, and not all are suitable for small children. If in doubt, spend some time online and

Here Kitty, Kitty!

Cats are brilliant pets for busy families who would love a pet, but something a little more independent.

  •    Cats are fantastic companions, while dogs can typically be more ‘needy’ a cat will provide some strong, silent and dependable companionship.
  •    Due to their nature, cats provide a great lesson in loving something and letting it explore life on its terms.
  •    Patience, cats like to roam and be alone a lot of the time. This furry feline will teach you and your whole family the art of relaxing until kitty thinks it’s time to play.

Cats will need some space of their own, so be sure that you have an area that can be dedicated to that. Also, consider if you would let your cat roam outdoors or would they be an indoor cat.

Flippers and Fins

Fish are relatively easy pets to look after and teach little children early on how to take care of something. The only issue being that they don’t last as long, and so you might end up replacing Bob the fish or explaining the circle of life very early on.

  •    Watching fish swim around their tank is therapeutic for adults and children alike
  •    Inexpensive to get set up and take care of
  •    A pretty fish tank, with colored stones and corals, can a beautiful, nice focal point in the home.

Tropical or cold water fish come with different tank setups and with require different amounts of space, be sure that you have the time to keep the tank clean or invest in the right equipment to maintain the tank well.

Photo by Mikhail Vasilyev on Unsplash

Birds of a Feather

Birds are becoming more popular to have as a family pet. Their growth in becoming family companions in probably due in no small part to their many positive attributes:

  •    Minimal grooming and ‘fuss,’ birds tend to like to keep their feathers clean. They preen most of the day; you’ll be required to trim their nails now and then
  •    Social little creatures. Birds love to have a companion and can even be taught tricks and depending on their size tasks like – fetching biscuits.
  •    They don’t cost much to feed, in fact, you can enjoy the same fruits and vegetables with most birds. A little bit of research into the breed type will ensure there are no dietary mistakes made.
  •    The work for small homes, if you are pushed for space but want a family pet – birds should be top of your list.

You might opt for a more significant species of bird like a parrot, in which case be sure that you have the time to dedicate to keeping them mentally stimulated as they are brilliantly intelligent birds. Many birds also live relatively long lives, so make sure that the little tweeter is the one for your family long-term.


Low and Slow

If you have some space, some tasty veggies and like the slow life a turtle might be right up your street. Turtles tend to be known for their relaxed demeanor in films and in many respects that is true to their character. Great for families with nature-loving kids, who would happily read under a tree and bathe in the sunlight for a few hours.

  •    Turtles have unique personalities, making this shelled slowpoke and exciting addition to your family
  •    Live on and on and on… They tend to live a lot longer than most other pets, so be sure that you are in this for the long haul.
  •    Be sure to have some well maintained and enclosed space for the turtle to roam in. They love the feeling of sunshine on their shells.

There are a few different species of turtle and tortoise, be sure to speak to an expert about the space and time you have before you decide to take a little shelter companion home.

In general getting a pet can be an excellent addition to your family, giving children a companion for many years, as well as teaching them those little life lessons. The support and love a pet can bring to home shouldn’t be underestimated and nor should the amount of respect and care they need in return.

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