2018 Spring/Summer Jewelry Trends Straight from Fashion Week

Spring/Summer 2018 is around the corner and jewelry trends this year incorporated summer essentials into their styles to look fashionably bold and season ready. From layered necklaces to shoulder length earrings, 2018 is all about being intrepid in your personal style.  

The fashion capitals are brimming with interesting trends and this article will share the upcoming styles that will take your chic game up a few notches. Let us see the jewelry trends that will rock the spring/summer this season.

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Jewelry Inspired by Architecture

If there is one thing that the fashion week taught us this season, it is that new-age style is anything that but conforming. The ramp models sported earrings in unusual designs that were inspired by architectural and geometric shapes. The runway displayed jewelry styles that are daring and fashioned from kinetic art. The earrings, accessories, necklaces etc., all seem to be in perpetual state of motion. Earrings with zig-zag patterns, clear lines, and twisted shapes look big this season. The extravagant designs look sculptural and artsy, something that has been derived straight out of space!


Chandelier Earrings

Chandelier earrings are the next big thing that has all the makings of lasting more than a season. Dress up your party dress with these opulent earrings and forgo the need for any other accessory. This is the trend that is likely to make its way into every jewelry buff’s repository of statement pieces. They are glamorous, attention-grabbing, and a standalone accessory. The fashion week saw models sporting variations of chandelier earrings. Some sported one, while other designers made them wear in both the ears. Take your pick from antique styles and sophisticated designs to complete your evening outfit.  


Reinventing Baroque Style

2018 is all about keeping it minimal and flamboyant at the same time. While the clothing is largely simple, the ensemble is completed with the heavy use of demanding jewelry that doesn’t need much else. The spring 2018 jewelry trend adds a bit of opulence, exuberance, and Victorian style drama to its statement pieces. From aristocratic designs to dramatic balance, the fashion designers were having a field day with these designs. The baroque art is special in the sense that they bring freshness and elegance to any ensemble. You can find many variations from out-and-about styles to minimalistic baroque, depending upon your personal preference.

Extra Large Hoops

Hoop earrings are an evergreen style that has been in fashion since the 90s and still going strong! Hoops of all shapes and sizes are making it big this year and will be easily found online as well as retail stores. Check out websites like https://www.romadesignerjewelry.com/blogs/education/the-most-popular-jewelry-styles-of-2018 to get the latest update on hoop earrings design that is making the rounds. What makes them so popular is their practical design and versatility. Runway models were seen sporting the bejeweled hoop earrings with their cocktail dresses and some were seen pairing simple hoops with a sporty ensemble for a chic day-outfit style inspiration. Just find an extra large hoop earring for your jewelry box this season and allow them to dominate your ensembles in different styles.

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Anklets Are Back

When we talk about dressing from head-to-toe, how can we ever overlook the good old anklets? They are simple, provocative, and yet so chic. Call them barefoot essentials and a perfect summer accessory. A Spring/Summer trend is incomplete without the mention of anklets. From street style icons to runway models, all sported this trend with equal élan. There will be a lot of new styles this season that will adorn your tootsies and give wings to your Bohemian spirit. Be it sporty or beady or bejeweled, there will be plenty of options to choose from this season.


The stack of Cuff Bracelets

Cuff bracelets are so powerful and yet so minimalistic that they had to make a comeback this season, albeit with a twist. While last year was all about wearing just one, this year it is about stacking your cuff bracelets to dress up that delicate wrist. Wear multiple cuff bracelets to look rebellious and feminine at the same time. At the fashion week, models were seen pairing cuff bracelets in different shapes on both arms. Find your style inspiration and stack them up in varied designs to make your own fashion statement.


Boho-Chic Rope Jewelry

This year is into rope jewelry big time. This is an exciting trend that has summer written all over it. Simple, breezy, and fun colors make them perfect for your Coachella outfit. These twisted bracelets and collars can be worn in simple gold/silver for a professional day at work or pop colors for a fun day out with your colors. Find your personal style and take this trend from Fashion week, straight into your wardrobe.


Gold Rush

How can you talk about jewelry and not mention gold? This Fashion Week, models were seen wearing bold statement pieces encrusted with gold, giving you a perfect opportunity to shine brightly in the summer sun. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, delicate chokers, and shoulder earrings are big this season, and a summer must-have. However, give them a fresh spin by trying them in gold. Another interesting trend is golden tassels that will go well with your little black dress and chain collars that will spice up your business outfit.


Mix-n-Match those Earrings

Matching earrings are so passé! If you want to really make a statement, then go crazy with your earrings. Go asymmetrical or choose two completely different designs. The runway this season saw bizarre designs that did anything but match each other. From different lengths to completely different colors, this season is all about making bold choices.


Pearls from Yesteryears

Bring some timeless vintage back into your jewelry box. The Victorian pearls look romanticism-inspired this season complete with gemstones and crystals. This old-school trend is big in 2018 spring/summer. Make your evening ensemble classy with the addition of drop pearl earrings straight from your heirloom collection.


More trends noticed on the Fashion Week runway include animal-inspired statement pieces, shoulder-length earrings, and lots more. This season is all about wearing your personality with a dash of bling!


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