Choose the right dental treats for your dog

Dental hygiene is as important for your pet as it is for you. If you overlook the pet’s dental hygiene, they will end up with an infection which can cause trouble for you and the pet. It is important to check your pet from time to time and to ensure that there is no dental trouble. Pets need to ensure a complete oral hygiene and fresh breath at all times. If you find it difficult to brush the teeth of your pet regularly, you can choose the alternative option-treats.

Treats are a way of showing love and appreciation to your pets. They could be anything, something your pet loves or a homemade cookie. However, in order to use treats for the dental hygiene of your dog, you need to choose the right products. With a number of options available in the market, it can be a daunting task to make the decision. Dental treats are like any other treats which are designed to enhance the dental hygiene of the pet.

Here is how you can find the right treats

  • You need to choose the treats which are specially formulated for your pet. It will make your pet happy and will not lead to an upset tummy.
  • Choose treats that have specific dental benefits.
  • Make sure the dog has limited number of treats and has a balanced diet.
  • Treats cannot be a replacement for dental hygiene. You will still need to check the pet from time to time to ensure complete oral hygiene.
  • Keep a track of all the calories that form a part of the treats.
  • Low-calorie treats are ideal for the pets.

Types of treats

There are multiple dental treats for you to choose from. They help in improving breath and also reduce plaque. There are certain treats available in the market that have been tested and are suitable for your dog. Some treats can be purchased only from the vet while others are available across different stores. Here are the basic types of treats:

Dental chews and biscuits: These dental chews are suitable for dental hygiene and available in the form of biscuits and bones. These are edible products and are approved for the pets. There are a number of biscuits that can be used for dental hygiene.

Rawhide chews: Rawhide chews can be used to reduce tartar and plaque; they are available in various shapes and sizes and are made from the hides of horses or cows.

Dental diets: There are food formulas available which help in the reduction of tartar and plaque. Most have a coating that prevents bacteria and the formation of tartar. There are some which are made into a texture and can resist crumbling. It is important to consult the vet before choosing a dental diet for the dog. Most diets are available only from the vet. Consider the age and weight of the dog before purchasing a diet.

Chew toys: Chew toys for dogs are not edible but can be used as a treat. There are different types of toys that attack plaque and help reduce bacteria. Consider the preference of your dog before buying chew toys. If you have a big dog, he might not like the small chew toys, hence pick the size of the toy according to the age of your dog.

It is advisable to consult the vet before giving a dental treat to your dog. You also need to keep in mind that the treat is not a solution to the dental hygiene. Sometimes, the treat might not work as expected; you need to keep a routine check on your dog. Consult a vet every six months in order to ensure that your dog is at the top of their dental hygiene. Consider the age and preferences of the dog before buying a treat. Minties are minty dental treats for your dog, the treats are a pleasure to chew and will ensure that the breath of your dog is fresh and the teeth are clean. They are proven to reduce tartar build-up and plague in the mouth of the dog. If your dog has a special liking towards a particular treat, you should stick to it. If you are just introducing the dog to dental treats, consider the options and the preferences of the dog. Choose one that meets all your requirements and is available at an affordable rate. The treat will freshen the breath of the dog and is healthy and safe for consumption.

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