How to Make Time to Spend as a Family

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Family life is completely full on sometimes and trying to find just a few minutes in the day to catch up all together is basically impossible. With your work schedule, all the clubs and social events the kids have on and everything else that gets in between, the hours quickly turn into days, weeks and months.

Though having such a lot on is often a good thing for people who like to be busy, it is still important that you don’t lose sight of what is really important. Even if you only get one afternoon in the month where your whole family is there, you should make the most of that quality time.

Plan Ahead

If you want to make some real time to spend together, you will have to plan ahead. A good way to do this is to have a family calendar in the kitchen or somewhere equally prominent where you can circle a day and allocate family time. This will help everyone see when your next family time is and make sure that no-one gets double booked!

You should also make a real effort to make sure that you haven’t got any work or prior commitments that might get in the way. Adults are just as bad at keeping commitments like this so make sure that you play by the rules too.

Make it an Event

For some kids, especially teenagers, the thought of enforced family time might be a bit much. To be fair, it might already be sounding a bit much to you too! The best way to conquer this worry is to make the time into an event. Choose an activity that everyone will enjoy and book yourselves in.

Popular things to do are sporty activities like basketball or baseball at your local park, taking a picnic and going on a walk or something more adventurous like an escape room. All of these choices will bring you closer together and give you the chance to chat and have a good laugh together.

Take Turns to Choose

Not every activity will be everyone’s favorite so if you are looking to avoid the inevitable argument about what you do as a family, try rotating around everyone to pick an activity and discuss ideas at a family meeting. You could start with a list of parentally pre-approved choices for younger ones to pick from as well as field all the other requests.

Though it might be tempting to dictate what you do every time, remember that this is a chance for your kids to have fun with you and could be an opportunity for them to explore an interest or involve you in another aspect of their lives. You will be surprised by how many younger children want the activities to focus more on getting parental attention than masses of sugary snacks and running around time.

Family life is often hectic and can be a battle of wills as everyone tries to get everything they need to do done. But, with a bit of preparation and sensible planning, you can enjoy much more family time together.

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