Tips on choosing flea and tick products

Every pet owner dreads the topic of fleas. It causes problem to the pet and the pet owners. Fleas feed on the blood of animals and a bite from the flea can cause irritation to the pet. If ignored, it could cause serious health conditions and medical trouble. It is important to protect pets from fleas and there are a number of products available in the market for the same. For every pet owner, it is important to check the pet for fleas. The visible fleas are only a small percentage of the total present on the coat of the pet. A lot of pet owners use collars to protect pets but the pets can still be infected by fleas. You need to take immediate action to protect your pet if you suspect that he is infected. You need to check your pet for fleas from time to time; this can be done with a white towel. When you rub a white towel on the abdomen of the pet, the fleas will fall off and you will gain an idea about the infestation of fleas. Take immediate action when you suspect that there are fleas.

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Signs of a flea infestation

You can determine the existence of fleas from your home. The most obvious sign is the presence of the insect on the pet. There are other signs which include the development of rashes and red colored patches on the skin, pale gums, black or brown speaks of flea waste on the pet and a change in the pet’s behavior. The animal will attempt to bite, scratch or lick places like neck, head, tail, and groin.  If you notice that your pet is constantly itching, you need to perform a visual check while grooming. It will help if you are able to detect the problem early. An early detection and treatment will reduce the chances of an infection or anemia.

How to pick the right medication

There are a number of brands and products available in the market, this can lead to confusion when selecting a product. Keep the below-mentioned points in mind when choosing a product.

  1. Works reliably: You need to choose a product which will work quickly and give a relief to the pet within a few minutes. In order to choose the right product, you need to consider the size of your pet. A treatment that is quickly effective on a small animal will not be effective on an older pet. You also need to consider the age and the breed of the animal.
  2. Kill fleas throughout the stages of life: You need to understand the life cycle of a flea in order to choose products that are useful throughout the stages of life. A product should repel fleas right from the stage of an egg to a mature insect. There are a number of flea species. Speak to a vet in order to learn which species are highly prevalent in your area and choose a treatment accordingly.
  3. Ease of use: The treatment should be easy to use. They are available in multiple forms and the ease of use ensures that you will follow the particular treatment regime. Look for products that are easy to apply on the pet and dry quickly.
  4. Safety for the pet: Before buying a product, read the label and check if the ingredients are safe for the pet. Some flea treatment is suitable for specific animals; you need to determine whether the ingredients can cause any side effects to the pet. If your pet is under medication, you need to speak to the vet if the flea treatment will cause any side effects or allergies. The product specialist at PetLock, Tim McHenry, says that getting rid of ticks on a dog can be dangerous for the animal and to always consult a professional first. Get your queries answered with the vet before you pick a product.
  5. Match the preferences of the pet: Different products have a different method of application. Topical applications and shampoo treatments require the pets to stay still for a long time. If the pet does not allow the application to dry, it will be of no use. Not all pets will stay still for a long enough time for the same. When it comes to tablets, the pet may not be happy to swallow it. Hence, choose products based on the lifestyle and preference of the pet.

If a pet spends a lot of time outdoors, he will require a different product as compared to the one who seldom steps out.


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