5 Easy Ways to Liven Up Your Home On a Budget

Everyone feels the urge to give their dwelling a facelift with minimum effort. If you’re looking to give your home a much-needed makeover but are deterred by the expense, here are 5 practical tips to cheer up your abode without spending more than a couple of hundred dollars.

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Add brightly colored accents to each room

First, the bedroom. With a wooden or metal bed as the central piece, you have plenty of opportunity to play around with bright, fun colors that will accentuate your sleeping nest without taking it over. While adding pillow cases, cushions and throws in lively colors is the easiest way to enliven your living space or bedroom, we suggest that you think out of the box and focus on the walls as well. Paint one of the walls in a color that’s not too loud but can add a bit of drama to the area.

Decorate the walls with a family member’s artwork or with your children’s handprints and footprints. Make the kitchen a bit more inviting for everyone with family-themed or food-themed decals. Similarly, you can infuse life into your patio and entryway with inexpensive real plants with different-colored leaves.

Do a budget makeover

The holiday season is the perfect time for a quick makeover, but you need not lose sleep over the cost of changing your home’s décor at a time of the year when there are so many other expenses vying for your attention. Focus, instead, on a budget makeover. Set a limit to the amount of money you’ll spend on each room and shop for discounted home décor and accents online and at yard sales.

Whenever tempted to splurge on an expensive piece, remind yourself to consider an alternative. For instance, instead of buying an expensive painting, frame an artwork by a child in the family or paint your own abstract art. Buy inexpensive photo frames online and bring your walls alive with vacation photos that have a splash of stark color in them. Doing minor adjustments to your own perceptions of a home makeover will save you hundreds of dollars each year.

The best thing about a budget makeover is that you get the mental freedom to accentuate your home with a lot of small but beautiful additions without burning your pocket.

Play with lighting

You can change the lighting in your home without replacing the essential light fixtures. For instance, buy replacement lamp shades online at a bargain price in textures and colors that would alter the way light passes through, giving the space a soft, dramatic light effect; add a pretty string light or two on a bedroom wall or on the door; hang a mirror on a wall that faces a window; or, paint an existing glass lamp in interesting patterns to change how it reflects light.


Change the look of smaller furniture items

Instead of discarding small furniture such as stools, bedside tables, chests and outdoor furniture, think of the various ways you can revive them and bring them back to life. Focus on refurbishing rather than replacing. Here’s what you can do: paint the furniture item in an all-new bright color; give a coat of lacquer to a tired-looking wooden piece; or paste floral or lace decals on an old chest.


Use fabric to cheer up neglected corners

You can do a lot with fabric, provided you do not end up spending a fortune on buying expensive, luxe upholstery. Cover the kitchen window with a soft sheer curtain in a cool color. Don’t bother with getting a curtain rod; just fix two nails on either side of the window and use lace or ribbon to hang the curtain.

Warm up the neglected areas such as the entryway and walkway with a rug or runner in a bold color. If you have a dining table, adding a runner on top will instantly change the look and feel of the space. Swapping the bedrooms’ curtains, provided they’re all the same size, can give a quick lift to all the bedrooms without you having to spend a penny.

Lastly, if budget allows, buy a couple of new accent pieces for the rooms where you spend most of your time. The folks at ModernDigsFurniture.com keep coming up with curated lists of handpicked home and office furniture that’s affordable, comfortable and practical. To make the most of online furniture buying, wait for exclusive holiday or end-of-season discounts and deals and you’re likely to end up saving hundreds of dollars on each purchase.

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