All The Road Safety Tips Your Kids Need To Know



As soon as your child is able to walk, it is necessary to start to teach them about the importance of road safety. This can prevent dangerous accidents occurring, and can help them grow up to become safe and responsible adults. From a young age, it is crucial to instill the basics of road safety into them so that you can move onto the more complicated stuff as they start to age.

So, are you wondering what you should get started with when it comes to teaching your kids about road safety? Here are all the basic tips that you need to tell them.


Hold An Adult’s Hand When Crossing

Make sure your child knows that they should also hold your hand whenever you are crossing the road together. If they are walking with another adult, then they need to hold their hand. This then ensures that your child doesn’t run off into the middle of the road when it could be unsafe to do so. They will also start to understand that they need to be calm and collected when crossing the road so that they can be aware of any quick changes that might occur to their immediate surroundings that they need to react to.


Look Both Ways

Did you know that one of the main causes of road accidents is children stepping out into the road without looking? This is just one of the many facts that show how important it is to teach children to look before they step out. You can see more from Dolman Law Group and their other statistics about accidents online. So, make sure you always tell your child to look both ways before they cross the road, and that they should only start to cross once they are 100% sure it is safe to do so.



Listen As Well As Look

Sometimes, it isn’t possible to tell whether a road is safe just by looking alone. In these situations, your children will need to listen carefully as well. In actual fact, it always pays to listen even when the traffic is visible, as it can help kids get in the habit of using their hearing. If your child can hear a car coming but can’t see it, they should still wait to cross until it has passed by.


Be Quiet When In The Car

Road safety isn’t just about being safe when crossing the roads. It also covers safety in the car as well. Whenever you are driving your children anywhere, they need to understand that they should be as quiet as possible. It’s ok for them to talk, but they need to use their inside voices.


Bike Safety


Once your child gets their first bike, you need to start explaining how they can be safe when riding it out on the roads. Most schools offer after-school cycling classes which is a great way for your child to learn the basics.


Hopefully, all of these tips keep your kids safe on the roads!

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