How To Make A Family Vacation A Reality

Have you ever sat down and daydreamed about sugar white beaches and crystal-clear oceans? Of course, you have, we all do it! Daydreaming about far-flung places with exotic foods and even more exotic drinks, with a club for the children to visit and a space marked by the pool every day is the happy place for most people. Then, reality hits. You look around the office and see the huge pile of work you have to get through and the mail you have to open and deal with. You go onto your online banking and your checking account cries at the idea of a family vacation goes flying out the window on the wings of the aircraft you so desperately wish to board!

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Family vacations can feel very out of reach for a lot of families. The sheer expense of a family vacation along with trying to find the time off work around school commitments shuts down the idea very quickly. There are plenty of ways you can get around the usual stresses of booking a family vacation, and we’ve got some excellent tips for you so that you can make your dream trip a reality.

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Taking On Debt To Fund Home Renovations: Good Or Bad Idea?

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There comes a point for many homeowners when they want to do something different with their home. It might be an extension to provide extra bedrooms, or just a full-scale kitchen renovation to make cooking that little bit more enjoyable.

The problem with home renovations is that they tend to be expensive. If every homeowner were to wait and diligently save the money they need for a renovation, then very few people would be able to get anything done to their abode. That kitchen remodel, for example, will cost around $20,000 according to — a huge amount of money to save just by putting a little aside from your salary every month.

So the question of borrowing becomes a focus. If you’re generally financially prudent, then the idea of taking on debt to fund a home renovation might make you wince. However, it might be a better idea than you initially think. Overall, funding a home renovation through borrowing is a good idea. Here’s why…


#1 – You’re Increasing The Value Of Your Primary Asset

Our house is the most expensive purchase that many of us make, meaning it’s also our primary asset. It’s therefore sound financial sense to want your main financial asset to be as nice as it can possibly be. Not only will a renovation improve your living standards, but it should also mean that you’re able to command a higher asking price when it’s time for you to move on. Investing in renovations can, in a very real way, be seen as an investment in your future financial status.


#2 – You Can Control How Much You Want To Spend

If you read through, you will see that the amount that you borrow regarding a personal loan to fund renovations is entirely down to you. There’s no need to be profligate just because you’re using borrowed money to fund your renovation; you can still keep the budget tight and practice your usual frugal methods. Provided you do the math and are sure you can meet your repayment figure every month, the rest is up to you. If you want to do a cheap-and-cheerful renovation, then that’s your call. It’s also your call if you want to spend a little more. So long as you can afford it, you can set the budget where you feel comfortable and take things from there.


#3 – Living In A Nicer House May Entice You To Stay In More

If you are on a mission to examine your spending habits and cut down on the amount you spend on eating out, then making your house a nicer place to be in is of huge benefit. The nicer your house is, the more comfortable you’re going to be when it comes to spending a night in rather than heading out for an evening — so a renovation could actually save you money in the long-term.

So the next time you wish that your home was different, it’s worth considering borrowing to fund a renovation.

Dangerous Misconceptions About Home Security

You might think that your home is safe, but that could be because you are making some of the common assumptions about home security and the dangers that could be present at any given time. If you are making these assumptions or buying into the fallacies, your home might not be nearly as safe as you think it is.


Thieves Won’t Break In If People Are Around

Actually, they will. You might think that if you live in a tightly knit neighborhood, people won’t attempt to break in. But that’s not true. There are various tactics that thieves can use to break into your home, in the middle of the day when people are around. They might pretend to know you. If that’s the case, all they need to convince a neighbor is your first name. If they have your first name and are laidback enough, no neighbor is going to stop them entering your home. How would they get your name? It’s frighteningly easy. Type in an address online, and you might be able to find out exactly who lives there. You can find if your address details can be found online by using Or they could pretend they are there to complete repairs on the property.

What about if you are in? Is this going to stop thieves breaking through a window? Not necessarily. If they think they can get away with it, a thief may enter your home while you are tucked in bed. This is why you shouldn’t switch off the alarm simply because you are in the house.

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A Window Open A Crack Won’t Lead To A Break In

It could because if a window is open a crack, it can easily be adjusted to provide a large enough gap for someone to fit through. All you need is a metal wire curled into a hook. This can be used to pull the latch, and at this point, it’s easy to slide open the window. This is one of the problems with feeling comfortable and secure in our own home. It often leads us to make a mistake that means it is far more vulnerable.

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It’s Official: Sleep Is More Important Than Money For Happiness

What is it that makes us happy? According to a new study by researchers from Oxford Economics and the National Center for Social Research, it’s not money. Their survey, which was nationally representative, sought to investigate what it was that generated the most pleasure in people’s lives. But the results were surprising and not what researchers had expected at all. They wanted to find out what it meant o like well in the 21st century, and found that although people spend the majority of their time pursuing money, this isn’t actually what makes them the happiest.



In total, more than 8,000 people were asked questions on around 60 different aspects of their behaviour. The researchers investigated everything, from a person’s personal thoughts to their relationships with friends, to their job status, quality of sleep, finances and other non-material things like social support networks.

According to the results, the average person was around 62 percent happy. But that doesn’t mean much in itself. What matters is the relative importance of each of the factors which contribute to “living well.” Here are the five most important things, according to the data.


Sleeping Well

The top spot went to sleeping well. According to the researchers’ living well measures, this was the most important factor in determining a person’s day to day happiness. It suggests that we should all spend more time going to sites like to find the perfect mattress for making us comfy. It also suggests that we should stop staring at screens before we go to bed and give our bodies the maximum chances of going into “sleep mode” to ensure that we get the 6 to 8 hours required by our bodies to recuperate.


Great Sex Life

The second most important factor, according to the respondents, was the degree of physical intimacy they had with others. The people who reported being at the top of the life satisfaction index also reported having good or great sex lives.

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Putting Your Money Where It Can’t Be Touched

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One of the biggest challenges a lot of adults face in modern life is money. People overspend, don’t save enough, and find themselves in a bad position, as a result, every day. Of course, a lot of this stems from bad habits, making it hard for people address it and make changes in their life for the better. It doesn’t have to be this way, though, and this post is here to help you out. It will be going through some of the best ways to store and save your money where it can’t be touched, so that it can’t be spent.


  • The Right Kinds Of Savings

In a lot of cases, people spend their money without thinking about it. But, if you put your money somewhere where you don’t have access, you won’t be able to spend it, eliminating the issue entirely. One of the best places for this is a savings account, but it has to be the right kind. Bonds are some of the best, as you have to wait for them to mature for several years before you get access to the funds. Along with this, though, you could also look into options which don’t give you access by card but still allow you to withdraw when you need to.


  • Insurance On Life

Sometimes, it’s best to put your money away for good, leaving it for someone else to use and enjoy. If you have children, for example, you probably want to make sure that they have the best possible start in life. One of the best ways to achieve a goal like this is through life insurance, but you have to make sure you start it early. In most cases, cover from companies like will have to be built up over a long period. But, once you pay money in, there’s no chance that you’ll be able to spend it.

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Protecting Your Child as Both You and They Grow Older

A mother’s job is never done, that much is for certain. This means that, as a mother, it’s not just your job to protect your children when they are young. No, it’s your job to protect them for as long as you are around to do so. Even when they are adults, and you are yourself nearing old age, there are still things that you can do to protect them. Below are just a few examples of just what you can do.

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Grow old gracefully

Growing old gracefully doesn’t mean completely giving up on your youth and letting the plights of old age engulf your life. It just means that you should stop fighting old age and the illnesses and ill-health that it brings, and accept them for what they are: real. Specifically, it means you should accept these very real plights of old age and accept that you are going to need healthcare. The sooner you accept this, and the sooner you start making plans for your future healthcare needs, the easier it will be for your children to get used to and then contribute to the provision of said healthcare. And you can make the prospect of you having ill-health induced by old age even easier for your adult children by agreeing to either have Nursing Home care, or agreeing to have your home adjusted in parts so that you can live in it without danger, when the time comes. When you fight these things, it makes it harder for your children and could force unnecessary stress upon them. And is that what you want?

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Brownie Points For Winter Proofing Your Elderly Parents Home

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The crisp golden leaves, the long snuggly nights, the chance to binge-watch Netflix, running through our neighbourhood kicking the fallen leaves, wearing extra layers as we play board games with the family – Everyone we know absolutely loves fall, everyone except one that is: our elderly parents. For them, this isn’t exactly the most dreamy time of year. For them, fall is all about preparing their home for the cold winter months. And that is where you can help them out.

Most of the time it is just little improvements that make the biggest impact – inexpensive little hacks. However, it could be that you need to help your dear old mom and dad apply for a loan through knowing that a much bigger investment is needed in order to make their home totally winterproof; protecting their investment from whatever Game Of Thrones type of chaos is heading their way.

Below we have pulled together a list of the must-make winter preparations to your parents home. If nothing else, you’ll certainly get more Brownie points that your other siblings.


Make Sure Their Heating Works

Nothing is as important as making sure the heating system in your parent’s home is working like new, which is why you need to call out a technician and have them complete a service. Whether it is a furnace or heat pump that needs inspecting doesn’t matter, so long as it is working as efficiently as possible and not leaking carbon monoxide, your duties will be done on this front.


Leaky Roof Syndrome Needs Fixing

Chances are, your parents won’t be able to climb onto the roof themselves – or even inspect it properly through a pair of binoculars – which is why you need to pop round and get the ladder out yourself. What you are looking for is broken, cracked, missing or loose shingles. If you see any signs of this kind of thing, a roof repair company will be worth their weight in gold. A problem prevented is a lot cheaper than trying to fix a problem. If your parents have a flat roof then clean it down and re-apply the asphalt.

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Could Power Of Attorney Be The Best Way To Care For Your Elderly Relative?

Never does the circle of life make itself more apparent than when you’re caring for an older relative. Suddenly, those who raised you need you to care for them. It can be a disorientating and confusing time. Your relative may find it difficult to hand over the reins, and you may feel lost in your caregiver position.

But, sometimes we don’t have a choice. In extreme cases, degenerative illnesses even mean that we have to take power of attorney. Taking control of someone else’s money goes against every instinct. Yet, if the situation calls for it, it’s the best thing to do. To help give you some idea of what’s involved in the process, we’re going to break things down for you.

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What responsibilities does power of attorney bring?

Before agreeing to anything, it’s important you know what duties a power of attorney faces. You can get a better understanding from sites like But, for the most part, your responsibilities are financial. You’ll take charge of your elderly relative’s money when they’re no longer able. You’ll have to ensure ongoing monthly payments, and make financial judgements. This can be difficult, but it will help if you get a chance to talk things through in detail while your relative is still lucid.

If not, it’s down to you to make difficult decisions. It’s best to do this based on what you know of this person. The primary focus is that you act on their behalf. As such, you should treat their money with the care you would treat your own. Don’t settle on the first care facility you find; look out for a cheaper one. If you think they’re paying above the odds for life insurance, look for a better deal on sites like Look after their money to the best of your ability, while still ensuring you meet all their needs

Why would you need this?

So, why would this step be necessary? There are a few different reasons. Some individuals opt to give power of attorney to avoid family disputes about wills and so forth. But, more often than not, a power of attorney is necessary with conditions such as dementia. The sad truth is, in these instances, your relative will be unable to make financial decisions. Hence, they’ll need you do it for them.

How do you get it?

So, how do you get power of attorney? With a bit of luck, the relative in question is still capable of giving permission. In this case, heading to a lawyer’s office is all it takes to get the necessary forms.

If, however, you need power of attorney for a relative already suffering, things get complicated, as you can see from conversations on sites like In short, though, the process becomes a lot more tricky. You’ll need to gain legal guardianship, and proof that power of attorney is for the best. But, if you believe this is what your relative would want, it’s a battle worth fighting.

Overcome Your Dental Fears With Our Pain-Free Guide


Not many of us enjoy going to the dentist, but it’s something we should all do on a regular basis. Whether we feel pain in our mouths or not, a dentist will have a good look at our gums and molars, and let us know if there is anything wrong. Chances are, the dentist will rectify a problem before it becomes worse, so a yearly check-up should be something we all mark on our calendars.

Of course, there are those of us who are fearful of visiting the dentist. In extreme cases, the fear of going to the dentist can become a genuine phobia, more information on which can be found at For others, there are common reasons for being fearful, such as having an injection, feeling helpless, or the embarrassment in having to admit we eat more sugar than we should!

Should you be apprehensive at visiting the dentist, follow these tips to help you overcome your fears.

Care for your teeth

Let’s be honest, if you care for your teeth, you will have less to worry about when you visit the dentist. We have already given you a little advice on what you could use for your dental care at, and you should take responsibility by not eating too many sugary foods and drinks which will damage your teeth and gums.


Forget childhood traumas

Okay, so it’s not easy to forget traumas, and if you have had a bad experience at the dentist as a child, you are not going to want to return in a hurry. However, times have moved on. Dentists have developed new methods and technologies to make your experience less painful and more comfortable, so some of your fears can be laid to rest.

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Helping Your Older Relative to Regain Control and Happiness

There are some things we will inevitably need to give up on as we grow old. It’s like growing up and being able to do a lot more than we were used to – just opposite and a lot less exciting. It becomes especially difficult to witness a loved one grow older and lose their independence without being able to do anything about it or offer comfort.

While some find care homes to be the best and most practical solution, others try to find ways to make it work at home.

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Here is how you can help your loved ones regain a sense of control and independence in their golden years, keeping them happy and healthy at home for as long as possible.

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