Dealing With The Ants In Your Child’s Pants

All children have personality quirks. Some are quiet; others are loud. Some are caring, others not so much. And, what we’ll be looking at today, some are fidgeters, while others never develop the habit.

While general opinion varies, some kids just seem more inclined to fidget. Such kids find it difficult to sit still for extended periods. And, despite the fact that the issue appears to be unconscious, some parents go as far as to consider it bad behavior. Even those who are more lenient can soon reach the end of their tether.

Before taking any action, it’s essential you ensure there’s no deeper reason for this behavior. Kids with attention deficit disorder often fidget in an attempt to use up excess energy. Visit your doctor and rule these issues out from the off.

If the issue is nothing more sinister than a case of the fidgets, tackle the issue. To help, we’re going to look at a few instances where unwanted movement most definitely needs to come to an end.



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Body Confidence: Frequently Asked Questions Answered

The term “body confidence” is, without a doubt, one of the main buzzwords of 2017. The idea behind the term is simple: love the body you have, not the body that marketing managers, celebrity magazines, and advertisers tell you that you should want.

While, in essence, the idea of body confidence is a wonderful one, it can also be a little confusing. Embracing the body you have is great, but what if you’re not 100 percent happy with the body you have? Are you somehow failing for wanting to change it? Should we all throw out our beauty products and our healthy eating habits? Is there something wrong with wanting to look as good as possible? These questions, and others like them, have been confusing women since the idea of “body confidence” moved into the mainstream.

So, let’s clarify a few “dos” and “don’ts” about what body confidence should truly mean for you and your life experience. Hopefully, this will allow you to answer any questions you have about the movement, and give you access to all the positives that you can take from the idea.


DO: Decide What’s Right For You



The idea behind body confidence is that we are all able to decide what works for us. So, if you’re comfortable at a certain dress size, you shouldn’t feel the need to change that size unless you specifically want to.

Knowing whether you want to change your body or whether you have been influenced by the media is… tricky. Our perceptions of beauty normality have been warped over the years, and many of us have totally unrealistic expectations of how our body should look as a result.

As a general rule, if you eat a healthy diet and keep active, there is no internal need for you to change. Anything else — such as the pursuit of a “thigh gap” — is not a genuine need, but one that is externally influenced. Casting aside these external ideas of what you “should” look like is key to achieving true body confidence.


DON’T: Feel Pressured To Ignore Your Perceived Flaws

One strange side effect of the body confidence movement is that it can make women feel like they should be happy with aspects of their body… even if they’re not. This can lead to women feeling like they are “failing” at being body confident; failing at the idea that they should love and embrace their flaws, when in reality, their perceived flaws are still a problem for them.

Let’s be clear: there is no “failure” whatsoever with feeling there is a part of your body that you don’t like. There’s nothing wrong with deciding you want to change an aspect of how you look; no problem with making the decision to view Roxy Plastic Surgery for more information on the fixes for the issues you have identified. Body confidence doesn’t mean you just have to love your body as it is and never want to improve anything; it just means you should only be concerned with the issues that bother you. Your opinion is what matters, and if your opinion says that you have a perceived flaw you want to be rid of, then there’s nothing wrong with that. Provided you are the only person influencing your decision, then it’s only natural there might be things about your body you want to change.

Body confidence is about knowing your body and what works for you; if something about your body doesn’t work for you, and you acknowledge it and want to fix it, then that’s a kind of body confidence, essential self-knowledge, in and of itself.

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Ease The Pain Of Empty Nest Syndrome

It is something that you have hoped and wished for them their whole, life, your kids are going off to college, and you couldn’t be prouder. However, when all the excitement of packing them up, and giving them a big send-off is done, it can leave home feeling a little empty, especially if they are the last of your brood to move out. This feeling is what is known as empty nest syndrome, and a lot of parents experience it when their kids grow up and move away, or go off to college. Luckily, there are activities that can help with this. Read on to find out what they are.


Look at the scrapbooks

One way to alleviate the pain of empty nest syndrome is to allow yourself some time to feel your feelings and really connect with them. After all, it’s only natural that you will grieve for that part of your life for a while.

Something that can help you do this is to go through old photo albums and scrapbooks that document your kid’s childhood. This can work well because it not only help you remember them and all the good time, buts also how far they have come with your help and encouragement as well.  

Empty nest syndrome can happen when your children move out or go to college. Picture here


Write a letter

Letter writing is something of a lost art these days. What with the internet and mobile phones. However, something that can be incredibly enjoyable to do is to use personalized stationery like the items available on this website and use them to send a letter to the child that has moved out of Home.

This can work so well for empty nesters because it shows that you care enough to take the time out to write a proper letter, something that can help you retain that connection with your child. Also, it opens up a pleasant and hopefully regular form of staying in touch that your child can reciprocate, giving you something to look forward to when you are missing them as well.


Find a new hobby

It can also be hugely helpful to fill any additional time that you find yourself with by taking up a new hobby or expanding your social life. Of course, this can seem pretty tough. Especially if you have spent the last 18 years or so dedicated to the kids, as you may be out a bit out of practice.

However, if you give it a chance, you can have a lot of fun and meet a plenty of new people. Something that not only can ease the pain of empty nest syndrome but also something you deserve after all that time spent looking for someone else.


Remind yourself that they will be back during the holidays

Last, of all, remember to remind yourself that if your child has gone away to college, they will be back in a few months. Back to raid your cupboards and bringing big bags of washing home. Something that is bound to make you feel better when you are feeling a little blue. After all, they do have plenty of vacation time, and they will usually spend it where they get fed and watered for free, aka your house!

Refresh and Relax This Weekend


Now that the countdown to Christmas is beginning, what were once cosy, relaxing evenings in are now turning into online shopping sessions and planning for the big day. It is at times like these that many of us can become very stressed out and unable to break free from that feeling of helplessness, and it is at these times that we need to take the opportunity to step back, relax and refresh.

  1. Exercise Regularly

A huge contributing factor to us feeling low and stressed is down to lack of movement. Sitting behind a desk all day not only strains our eyes, but it also makes our muscles weaker than they should be. Exercising every few days for a while will help you to relax your mind and focus on something else for a while- it is also great for releasing hormones into your bloodstream which promote a better mood.

  1. Plan Your Days

Before you start you day, plan it. The simple act of sitting down and planning out what you need to achieve each day as well as the priority for each task can go a long way to helping you cope with your workload and feel more on top of your life. Try it out for a month and see what difference it makes to the way you feel.

  1. Prioritise Tasks

The key to reducing stress levels is to prioritise your tasks effectively and learn when it best to complete a certain task each day. It might be that you’ve got a few big projects you’ve been putting off for a while, but now that you have planned them out, you can get cracking and finish the tasks which are the most important to you and your work. It also means that you don’t waste valuable times doing small menial tasks in place of more important ones. [Read more…]

Teach Your Little Ones Kindness this Holiday Season

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The upcoming months see us beginning to focus on the highlight of many children’s (and adult’s alike) time of year: Christmas. Now that Halloween has passed, we can start directing our attention towards to creation of a truly stunning winter, where all of our little one’s’ dreams can come true. But it’s also the best time of year to instill moral fibre into our kids, as the big man Santa Claus is watching, making sure that they aren’t naughty, but nice. Here are a few ways that you can get your little one into the holiday spirit of giving, showing them the importance of compassion and kindness along the way.


Donate Old Toys

Most of our little ones have plenty of good quality toys lying around that they barely pay attention to. With Christmas coming up, it could be a good time to conduct a little clear out to make way for the new additions to their teddy, doll, and craft collections. But avoid simply tossing old toys in the trash. There are plenty of needy kids out there who would absolutely adore a second hand toy to play with and love. So, get your children to gather up their unwanted bits and bobs, box them up, and choose somewhere to take them. Hospitals often accept toys for children in waiting rooms, or recovering from procedures and operations. Fire departments and ambulance services also often take on toys which they later use to comfort children who have immediately witnessed tragedies. Alternatively, you can take toys to charity stores, or hand them over to projects who then distribute them to children in poorer countries.

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Mean Makeup Magic For Busy Moms

Winter is a wonderful season. We get to wrap ourselves in luxurious scarves, enjoy the first sight of snow, and breathe in the crisp winter air. The only problem with all of this, though, is that it sucks the moisture right out of our skin, leaving us with dry patches, redness, and a general itchiness that makes winter less wonderful than we hoped it would be.

Image link: Pexels

Luckily, there are a few exceptional makeup-artist moms who have shared their best tips on how to achieve a soft and smooth-looking face even when the temperatures are dropping. It makes it a bit easier to get out the door quickly in the morning, and you can confidently face the cold air outside.


Tinted moisturizer

Dry skin is not a fan of powder makeup, so keep it on the low and opt for some tinted moisturizer instead. Use your fingers to apply it so that you’re not using too much, and find one that matches your skin tone perfectly.

You have probably heard this advice many times before, but so many tend to skip it and hope that their regular moisturizer will be enough to keep the dryness at bay. Invest in a good foundation or tinted moisturizer as soon as possible, and you’ll notice the difference immediately. Have a look at the best organic makeup brands here if you’re looking for something new, and scroll down to the Origins foundation to keep your skin hydrated throughout the cold days.

You can still use a regular foundation if you want more coverage, though, just remember to use your fingers to apply it still. The heat from your fingertips will make it melt in and look more natural – and, as mentioned above, you avoid applying too much.


Cream cheek stick

Tired of looking tired all the time? You’re not alone. The fresh, crisp air may help put those roses on your cheeks, but it doesn’t really show when you’re using a tinted moisturizer or foundation. Instead of using a regular powder-based blush to look a bit fresher, try to use a cream stick instead and apply it with your fingers to make it look a bit more natural.

Nothing says fresh winter health like blushed cheeks under a cozy beanie, so cover up your skin and head before facing the coldness.

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Give Your Kids An Active Fall and Winter With These Top Tips

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After a summer hopefully filled with running around outdoors and discovering the joys the natural world around them has to offer, how can you keep your kids occupied once the cooler weather hits? The opportunity to run around and burn off some energy can be invaluable to frazzled mums hoping for their little darlings to be tired out come bedtime and have a proper night’s rest. How do you avoid having the kids cooped up all day indoors, hunched over their phones and tables or glued to the TV? We take a look at some simple ideas for keeping those fully-charged youngsters enjoying active play until well beyond Christmas…

Create a Treasure Hunt

If your kids are reluctant to venture outside when the weather isn’t so good, make it fun by challenging them to a treasure hunt. Pick a prize and a location, invent some clues and set a trail – it can be around the local park or just in your backyard, as long as it entices them to get outside and get moving. If hiding clues isn’t possible in a public space, think about setting them a photo safari instead. Provide a list of things they need to snap – birds, animals or local landmarks. The kids must take a picture of each one of things when they spot them. At the end of it, they’ll have had a fun day out and captured lots of memories as well. Ideal for keeping little legs moving and little minds engaged.


Try Lasers, Trampolining or Swimming

If wet weather derails your plans for active play, don’t worry – there’s plenty of fun activities to be found indoors at specialist play centres. How about a day at an indoor water park? Or is there a trampolining park near you where kids can bounce until their heart’s content? If they are up for the challenge, you could give something like laser tag a go. Chasing around exciting play sets will be great exercise when you can’t get them outside.

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What Makes Looking After A Baby Much Easier?

Any new parent will surely be on the lookout for anything that will make their job a little easier. The truth is, there is plenty of that around once you start looking, and as long as you really know what you are looking for. If you are a first-time parent and you are curious to know what it is that can help you to make child-rearing that much simpler and easier, then read on. In this post, we are going to look at a few of the things which you might want to consider if you want it to be as easy and straightforward as humanly possible. With any luck, your experience of bringing up a child will be made much easier.


The Right Attitude

If there is one thing that will really make a huge difference to everything else involved here, it is being able to keep your attitude in the right place. Having a good attitude is often all you really need in order to make child-rearing go much more smoothly – and by contrast, if you don’t quite have the right attitude, it can make the whole process considerably harder to do. But what exactly does the right attitude consist of? Let’s take a deeper look to see whether you currently have the best attitude or not.

One of the most important factors here has to be patience. As long as you have patience, you will find the whole process of looking after a baby considerably easier and less stressful. But cultivating patience can be surprisingly hard, especially if you are a first-time parent. Nonetheless, it’s worth attempting, especially if you are keen on making it go as smoothly as possible. With a little patience, you will be able to take things in your stride a lot easier, and that alone will make a huge difference. You might also find that it is necessary to try and cultivate a sense of exploration. As you go into parenting more and more, having an open-minded sense of wonder will definitely make it much easier to deal with many of the less favorable aspects involved.

With the right attitude, you might even argue that all else will more or less fall into place, so it is a good idea to ensure that you get this one sorted first if you want it to be as easy as possible.


Small Rituals

Something that can really help both you and the baby is having some kind of ritual for each activity. It only has to be something small, but as long as you have a practised set of movements and modes of speech, you will find that it affects the way you interact in a great way. These small rituals are often the kind of thing that comes entirely naturally, so you probably won’t even need to think about it for it to happen. But knowing what effect they can have will ensure that you don’t overlook them,as they can be among the most important bonding factors for many parents and children. It is also true that rituals help to create a sense of routine, which is really what we are going for here. With routine, you can expect to keep everything running much more smoothly for as long as you need to.

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Teach Your Children About Road Safety


It’s very important that your children know about road safety so that they are able to keep themselves safe and out of harm’s way – especially when going to and from school. Having said that, you don’t want to give them too much information either, otherwise they won’t be able to retain everything.

Here are the basics that should be learned.


Know the signals

Your children should be aware of all the different signs that are out on the road, from the meanings of the traffic light colors, to the basic signs.

– Green means go. All the vehicles must move.

– Red means stop. All the vehicles must stop.

– Yellow means slow down. All the vehicles slow down and get ready to stop.

– The picture of the green man walking means you can cross the road. Always make sure you look left and right even when the cars have stopped.

– The picture of the red man walking means you must not cross the road.

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Curious Kids: Explaining House Repairs & Maintenance

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Children are curious. In fact, it’s one of their most endearing qualities. They are always keen to explore the world around them, learning things they don’t know, and expand their knowledge.

The majority of the time, this is endearing and lovely. However, there are times during which their natural propensity for curiosity can cause you a few problems.  If you find yourself facing down a repair emergency like a burst pipe, the last thing you may think of is how your child is coping with the situation. That’s understandable; you’re too busy juggling emergency plumbers and wondering how you’re going to find room in your budget to pay for the work. Not a soul could blame you for being distracted, and not quite having your usual level of patience to explain what’s happening to an eager, enquiring young mind.

However, look at the situation through your child’s eyes:

  • Something has gone wrong
  • They don’t understand what’s gone wrong…
  • … but from your reaction, they know it’s pretty important
  • Someone is going to come into their home to do the repair work

It’s a pretty confusing time, which can cause upset in more sensitive children. So whether it’s routine maintenance or an emergency, it’s worth taking the time to explain to your child what’s happening and why.

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