Could Power Of Attorney Be The Best Way To Care For Your Elderly Relative?

Never does the circle of life make itself more apparent than when you’re caring for an older relative. Suddenly, those who raised you need you to care for them. It can be a disorientating and confusing time. Your relative may find it difficult to hand over the reins, and you may feel lost in your caregiver position.

But, sometimes we don’t have a choice. In extreme cases, degenerative illnesses even mean that we have to take power of attorney. Taking control of someone else’s money goes against every instinct. Yet, if the situation calls for it, it’s the best thing to do. To help give you some idea of what’s involved in the process, we’re going to break things down for you.

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What responsibilities does power of attorney bring?

Before agreeing to anything, it’s important you know what duties a power of attorney faces. You can get a better understanding from sites like But, for the most part, your responsibilities are financial. You’ll take charge of your elderly relative’s money when they’re no longer able. You’ll have to ensure ongoing monthly payments, and make financial judgements. This can be difficult, but it will help if you get a chance to talk things through in detail while your relative is still lucid.

If not, it’s down to you to make difficult decisions. It’s best to do this based on what you know of this person. The primary focus is that you act on their behalf. As such, you should treat their money with the care you would treat your own. Don’t settle on the first care facility you find; look out for a cheaper one. If you think they’re paying above the odds for life insurance, look for a better deal on sites like Look after their money to the best of your ability, while still ensuring you meet all their needs

Why would you need this?

So, why would this step be necessary? There are a few different reasons. Some individuals opt to give power of attorney to avoid family disputes about wills and so forth. But, more often than not, a power of attorney is necessary with conditions such as dementia. The sad truth is, in these instances, your relative will be unable to make financial decisions. Hence, they’ll need you do it for them.

How do you get it?

So, how do you get power of attorney? With a bit of luck, the relative in question is still capable of giving permission. In this case, heading to a lawyer’s office is all it takes to get the necessary forms.

If, however, you need power of attorney for a relative already suffering, things get complicated, as you can see from conversations on sites like In short, though, the process becomes a lot more tricky. You’ll need to gain legal guardianship, and proof that power of attorney is for the best. But, if you believe this is what your relative would want, it’s a battle worth fighting.

Helping Your Older Relative to Regain Control and Happiness

There are some things we will inevitably need to give up on as we grow old. It’s like growing up and being able to do a lot more than we were used to – just opposite and a lot less exciting. It becomes especially difficult to witness a loved one grow older and lose their independence without being able to do anything about it or offer comfort.

While some find care homes to be the best and most practical solution, others try to find ways to make it work at home.

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Here is how you can help your loved ones regain a sense of control and independence in their golden years, keeping them happy and healthy at home for as long as possible.

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Canine To Five: Looking After Your Pets With A Busy Lifestyle

It appears to be a given, so many families have a pet. It could be argued that with the amount of money, time, and effort it takes to look after a pet now, especially with both parents usually working full-time jobs, and toddlers being in a nursery all day. And with limited time for the family to enjoy downtime as a whole unit or this precious time being used to clean your house, it could have a detrimental effect on a household pet. So how can you get the balance right?



Set A Routine, And Stick To It!

As a busy parent, you know the importance of sticking to a routine, and you know how bad it can be for your whole day if something is knocked out of sync. The same applies to your pet. If you set up a schedule to do the basics, such as feeding, exercising, and bonding with your pets, around your busy life, you will notice the difference in your pet. You will see that they are more secure and confident and will rely on this routine, especially if you have a dog.


Take Your Pet With You When You Exercise

This doesn’t apply if you go to the gym! But exercise is important for you and your pets. The best time to fit in a bit of exercise benefits you and the pet is first thing in the morning. It doesn’t have to be for long, but if you have a dog and take them for a morning run, it will stimulate them enough, and it will benefit you by waking you up, ready for your long day.

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Make Extra Money, Without Spending Even A Minute More At Work

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a little more money in your pocket each month? It’s a dream a lot of us have. Although, to do so it may seem like you will have to spend even less time at home with your family and more time at work, doing extra hours, or even starting up a side hustle? But what if I told you can up your monthly budget without being at work a single minute more than you are now? Interested? Keep reading to find out more.


Deal with debt

Unfortunately, for most of us, debt is something that eats into our monthly budget. For others, it can get out of hand, and so easily dominate it. Leaving very little behind for the little luxuries in life and the fun stuff.

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So what can you do? It’s not like you shouldn’t pay your debts! As aside from that being wrong it will also seriously affect your credit rating. Making it harder for you to get loans and the like in the future. Luckily, there is a solution, and it’s all about facing up and dealing with the debt you do have. It’s called debt consolidation, and you can read more about it at and sites like it. Basically, it is where you approach a debt management company to take on the multiple debts you owe, and instead of paying lots different amounts all through the month, you just pay one. Something that can end up working out a lot cheaper, leaving more money in your monthly budget for the finer things in life.


Shop the offers

The next way you can retain more of your budget for the end of the month, without having to work any extra time at all is to train yourself to become a savvy shopper. Something that is relatively easy to do in America. This is because so many stores have a voucher and coupon system for free and discounted products. In fact, it is a major marketing technique.

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This allows clever shoppers to collect multiple coupons that result in free items. Yes, free, in that they don’t cost a penny! Get savvy about your stores’ policies as well like the lady in this video at does. As some give additional coupons like Catalinas, and allow you to double up the value of coupon on certain days. As well as awarding cash back if the coupon is for a higher price than the item. Yes, that right very occasionally you can earn money for shopping for free groceries!

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By shopping these items each week, you can easily build up a healthy stockpile, allowing you to cover your family’s need for very little money. That means you get to reclaim the month’s grocery shopping costs back into your budget.  Something that can be as high as $1000! Imagine what you could do with an extra $1000 each month, and all without being at work any longer. What are you waiting for?

Making Your Home Warm And Comfortable In Readiness For Winter

Here it comes, the unrelenting and merciless cold of winter. Although you never know if it’s going to snow or not, you can be guaranteed that it’s going to be cold all throughout the home. Cold is like a virus, and it slowly spreads from room to room, leaving no corner untouched from its presence. The issue with many homes is that they weren’t designed to be truly comfortable because when they come to being items of sale, they must look aesthetically pleasing. For example, a wooden floor in the living room is not conducive to creating a warm room, which captures a lot of heat. During the winter, in fact, hardwood floors become rigid and suffer from a terrible lack of heat. It’s almost painful to walk on them, if you come down for something to drink or eat, during the night. Older homes suffer from structural problems during harsh weather, with creaking and cracks happening as the wood contracts due to the lack of moisture in the air. There are a few things you should be preparing for in your home, to make it a much more comfortable living space during the colder months that are soon to follow.

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Never overlook basic insulation

Most modern homes come with insulation already installed, but if your home is from an older time period, it most likely won’t have. Rolls of thick foam can be installed by experts to make sure heat is not escaping out of the home. There’s generally one type of grade that commercial homes are able to receive, but depending on how much you’re willing to pay, you might be able to get a higher quality foam insulation, which in turn will save you more on energy bills. The walls themselves can be filled with foam as well but may require them to be drilled into first. Make sure the procedure that is carried out to do this is done so by professionals who take care in avoiding hitting water pipes as well as filling the holes back up properly. Although this might seem like basic insulation, the importance cannot and underestimated because of each room, supports the other to keep more heat within the walls, thus bolstering the central heating system.

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Clear and clean the central heating

The central heating is generally a simple system, which ferries water from the boiler to the heaters which have been fixed to the walls of your home. You may not realize, but radiators can become filthy and quite muggy from the inside. When this happens, they become blocked, and air pressure starts to build up, forcing the water to stay out. Hot water cannot fill the radiator, and thus, even though your boiler is working fine, your rooms won’t heat up. You can do this yourself, or call in an expert, but first, start by taking the radiator off from the attachments to the wall. It’s wise to turn the upper nut, with the key that should have come with the house, to first, loosen it and let the air pressure out slowly. If you don’t do this, the dirty water will burst outward when the air from the outside tries to equalize with the air inside. Carefully, block the nut, while carrying the radiator outside into the garden. Hold it up from one side, to clear all the filthy water out. You can put a pressure nozzle into the hole and with your hose, force water in and out of the radiator to clean it thoroughly. Once you fit the radiator back in, it should heat up more efficiently.


Swap leather for fabric

Leather sofas during winter are an absolute nightmare. They contract so much that they become stretched and because of the tightness, they lose even more heat than they would otherwise. Even if you put a sheet over the sofa, they will naturally become cold and especially during the night. Equally, when you sit on sheets, they become bunched up and sooner or later, you’ll end up exposing a patch of freezing cold leather. Swap the leather for a comfortable chair, which molds around your body like a bean bag chair. Not only can you lie back and relax in bean bags, but you don’t lose as much body heat as you would on a sofa. Giant bean bag chairs, have high-quality shredded foam, which can switch from giving your back the support it needs, to flattening out so you can sit in a more casual position. You can also get foot rests for your bean chair, so you’re not having to curl up all the time or rest your feet on the cold floor. Giant bean bag chairs, are not like older versions and don’t sit you at a height just above the ground, so you’ll be at normal sofa seating height.

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Plug the gaps  

So many people don’t realize just how much heat is lost through nook, crannies, and crevices. Through no fault of your own, heat could be seeping out of your home, without you playing a role in it. Small cracks in window frames and the sealant in the window sills, over time, begin to break down. It stretches and contracts in accordance with the room temperature and the outside temperature. You may even notice that water slowly that to penetrate inward. A green substance that looks like moss, but is much thicker, like the consistency of a paste, will start to form on the inside, wherever there is a flow of water and moist air. If you buy a window sealant, you can fill in these crevices that form at the base of window frames usually, but can also appear at the top near the pressure equalizer handle.

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Thickness at every window

When it comes to windows, it’s all about keeping heating away from getting a chance to escape. Thicker curtains during the winter time would act as the fourth wall in every room. Curtains that are thicker and heavier are able to absorb the heat in the home and reflect it back in a gradual fashion. When you’re heating your home, the air itself will become hot and low pressure will begin to build. The air molecules will then slowly start to bounce off each other, and any colder air molecules will be more susceptible to absorbing them. If you stuff your curtains with wool or perhaps other fabrics, you can stop this from happening. Or, the other and the easier route would be to simply buy a thicker curtain for winter, which has been purposefully designed for the season. You may need to strengthen the curtain strips and the supports to hang these heavier curtain types up, but you can evenly distribute the weight by using more curtain rings.


Let light in

It’s very tempting to leave the curtains drawn during the day as the winter months become colder and colder. However, that would be counterproductive if you want more heat in your home. Despite it being chilly outside when the sun is shining, the temperature is actually rising, whether you feel it on your skin or not. It’s the same with the home, as the sunshine will slowly but surely, heat your home during the day. So, before you go to work, pull the curtains aside and allow the sun rays to penetrate through your window and come inside. Don’t remove the thin layer of window shade, as there is a limit to how much heat you can afford to escape at the expense of the sun heating your rooms.


Set a timer on your heating

It’s a pain in the backside to have to get up and continually turn on the heating manually when you want to be rid of the cold in your home. It would pay off to think carefully about the time of your central heating turning on by itself, even if you’re not intending on using it. Boilers freeze up during the winter, and especially during particularly frosty nights. Set two different timers, so you have one which keeps the boiler alive and ticking, and the other to warm up the home. During the night you could set your heating to come on, purely for half an hour or even less, just so the inner components don’t freeze up of your boiler. The other timer could be for when you’re home, sitting in the living room, reading or watching television, and the heating is already on to maintain your desired room temperature. Keeping your heating system functioning during the winter is important, so you don’t have to call out a repair company which will end up costing your hundreds of dollars. All you need to do is to allow the boiler to plow through cold nights by turning on for a decent amount of time, essentially to warm up the pipes and melt any water that’s in the process of freezing solid.

Making your home comfortable for the winter is a joy to do if you’re preparing well in advance. Don’t let the cold weather creep up on you and your home. Make ready with tips and tricks to make sure, you’re not losing any valuable heat from inside your house, and take measures to trap the hot air inside as well.

Taking The Dread Out Of Moving Day

Despite the excitement most people feel about coming home to a new house, sleeping in a new room, and exploring a new neighborhood, no one really enjoys the moving process. It’s stressful, time consuming, and requires so much multi-tasking and paperwork that it feels like moving day will never be over. Even when you delegate certain moving jobs to the kids, family, or friends, there are still some things that only you can oversee. There is no exact science for a stress-free moving day, but here is a short checklist that might make the job a little easier.

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Contact your landlord

If you’ve been renting up until now, then you need to get in touch with your landlord at least two months before you move to let him know you’re ending your lease. This gives him the time to look for new occupiers so the house is never empty. You also need to go over any agreements and correspondence to be clear on who is responsible for any outstanding repairs. As soon as you know your official moving date, tell your landlord so there is no overlap with the new occupiers.

Organise Your Move

First, get rid of anything you won’t be needing in the new house. Clothes you haven’t worn in over a year can be donated to charity, books you have on Kindle can be given away, and electrical items you no longer use can be given to friends or sold online. Once you’ve purged your belongings, start by packing seasonal items and equipment that you won’t need right away. As soon as possible, you need to arrange for a removal company to take your belongings to your new house. The cost will vary depending on your time slot, whether you’ve hired a regular company or an interstate removalist, and whether you want the movers to disassemble and reassemble your furniture once you get to the new house. It might be more stressful to put the furniture back together yourself, but it would save you some money in the long run.

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Inform Your New Providers

At least 48 hours before you move, call the new gas company, electric company, and internet provider to let them know you will be moving house. They will make a note to cut off the service at your current address so you’re no longer paying for it, and some of them will offer to set up your service at your new address so you’re not without water, electricity and a wifi connection when you move in.

Deep Clean The House

No matter how well you took care of the house, some wear and tear over the years is to be expected. Give the place a thorough end cleaning as soon as you packed away your things. See which repairs you can do yourself to save money, and make sure you leave the house in good condition.

Whether you’re moving into another rented place, or you’ve finally bought your first house, welcome home.

Be A Winter Winner! Don’t Let The Weather Beat You!

Even though it’s not quite Winter, yet we have already seen some pretty scary and extreme weather across the country. Who knows what the rest of the year may bring? That is why you owe it to yourself, your family, and your community to get prepared for the winter weather right now. Read on to find out how.


Your vehicle

Depending on whereabouts you live there are some preparations you can make to your vehicle now, that will stand you in good stead during the winter season.



These include getting your vehicle serviced, so it’s in the best condition possible. Make sure that the heat works, as well as having things like tire chains for use in the snow in reserve. In fact, even having something simple as an umbrella that you keep in the car all of the time is a useful idea.  As it can help you stay warm and dry if the weather turns unexpectedly and you have to get out and check the engine or tires.

Something else to consider is getting an emergency kit in the car. This should including a blanket or two, some drinking water, a first aid kit, and a few power bars. Just in case you get caught out in bad weather, and the roads are gridlocked. As these simple thing can increase your chance of survival.


Have an emergency plan

Some folks see having an emergency plan for bad weather as dramatic. They think that they will never need one, as it will never happen to them.  However, where emergency plans are concerned, it’s always better to have one and not need it, than the other way around.

In particular, it can give a sense of peace of mind to the responsible adults in the home, because even if the worse does occur, they know exactly what they will do to get the loved one out safe and sound.

Of course, there isn’t really a one size fits all plan, as the detail will depend on the nature of the weather, the property, and that family that is inhabiting it. Rain and wind storms may require a different approach to getting snowed in, for example.

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However, there are always some basic things that are useful to know. These include where your safest and quickest exits are. What essential items like medications you will take with you and what route you will choose to get to designated safe zone. It was also a great idea to have a spare mobile phone and attached, charged, power pack, pre-loaded with emergency numbers. As then you can contact the emergency services easily. As well as friends and relatives to let them know you are safe, as soon as possible.

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Have an emergency clean up plan

It’s also useful to know how you will deal with the devastation or damage that the harsh winter weather may have caused when you return to your home.  

As for many families, once the initial difficulties of getting out safely have calmed, it is the return after the all clear to a devastated and unlivable home that can be so upsetting. After all, having to leave your home in the dead of night is one thing, but to return to it being damaged, flooded, or otherwise in a unlivable condition can be incredibly tough.

That is why it’s not only a good idea to have an emergency exit strategy, but also one to get your home cleaned up as quickly as possible when you return as well.

To do this, remember that safety is always the primary concern. That means you should never enter a home where black water (sewage) is present, or where the electrics and gas have been compromised. Usually, to help you get these things back to normal you will need to contact a professional company to for a sewer clean up, or electrical and gas repairs. It can also be helpful to get someone to assess the structural safety of your home before you allow your family back inside, as extreme weather may cause wall, floor or roof damage that isn’t immediately visible to the naked eye.


Your home

Apart from having a plan to escape, and a plan for when you come back, there are also some things you can do that may minimize the damage and risk to your home during bad winter weather.

One thing is to keep your roof in the best condition possible. This entails having it checked during the finer months, and repaired as necessary. As this will provide the best protection if the weather does deteriorate. [Read more…]

5 Hot Gadgets For Lovers Of Hot Drinks

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Are you crazy about coffee? Or perhaps tea is more your obsession? Many of us love to start the day with a hot brew, but few of us add to our experience with the right gadgets for the job. Here are a few pieces of tech that every tea and coffee lover needs in their life.


Smart kettles

Household are now embracing smart technology as the way forward. Such appliances can be controlled remotely using an app on a user’s phone. Smart kettles are the ideal piece of kit for those that like to wake up to a morning brew. As soon as you wake up, you can use your phone to start boiling the kettle. By the time you’ve got out of bed and to the kitchen, the water will be boiled and ready to pour.


Tea diffusers

Many tea lovers own teapots, but few own a teapot with an infuser. These handy contraptions are great for making tea with fresh leaves for a wholly natural taste. These can hold several cups of tea and stay hot for long periods allow you and the family to go back for refills.


Home coffee gadgets

There are hundreds of home gadgets for coffee lovers. These include espresso makers, milk steamers and percolators. However, there are also machines that combine the whole lot much like a coffee machine you might get in a high-street bar. Whilst such machines have traditionally been expensive, there are now lots of budget coffee machines on the market. This could allow you to wake up to fresh Americano or even a cappuccino.

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Making Life Easier When You’re At A Disadvantage

Everyone has their own health disadvantages. However, some have it more seriously than others. It doesn’t have to be debilitating by definition or in reality for it to affect us though. If you have any kind of disability, and feel like the world is against you, there’s lots of things you can do to stand up against life’s troubles. Here’s a few options for you to consider to help yourself if you want to.


Use Technology To Your Advantage

Having an e-reader will mean you won’t have to lug around books with you when you’re already suffering with leg troubles, or if you’re in a wheelchair. Use your phone or a clock to set alarms for everything you need to do in a day, especially medication wise, and you won’t make the simple mistake of forgetting from time to time.

Similarly, on a larger scale than simple life hacks, plenty of disability shops will have the necessary furniture for both getting around and sleeping in comfort. Try and aim for these standards for your home life, as it’s understandable that working up to affording them can be a long run.

Consider Some In Home Care Options

Having someone on hand no matter what to help you out can be a life saver, and it won’t limit you either. If you’re striving to still be independent, you have little need to worry. Options like in home care are available to you and more accessible if you know where to look, which is the mission of this post!

There are so many benefits of having someone coming to your home to aid you. They can make sure your health is good in all areas, such as making you healthy food to enjoy when you don’t have the energy or ability. It’s the same for household chores, enabling you to still take pride in your surroundings.

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Back To School Should Also Mean Back To Fun!


September is never an easy month for the child. Cold weather which affects them more than it does us adults, as well as having to enter a whole new year with all of the responsibilities and the heightened academic difficulty they have can lead to a climate of sadness which is hard to shift as they enter the new routine.

This is the worst way to begin things, as a child who is demotivated from the outset will fail to work hard at their subjects, might even try and neglect homework, as well as having a bad relationship with their teachers. As a result, setting up the perfect home atmosphere they can possibly experience will help them enjoy and develop well in the first few winter months of their schooling life. Not all children enjoy or are as skilled in the needs of the schooling system as others, and so making sure your home is taking nothing away from their potential is important.

Luckily, you needn’t feel so serious about this, but merely sincere. It may be time to improve how fun your home is to occupy after a long, busy school day.

Outdoor Entertainment

The cold doesn’t start properly setting in until around late October, and until then using your garden space for quiet family recreation can help your children blow off some steam after a busy school day. Looking for the best trampoline for your family might help your children expel some of that carefree fun, and tire them out before they head to bed, which will promote a restful and fulfilling night’s sleep. Purchasing squash rackets and balls give your children the ability to practice quiet and safe competition, and making sure they have well-functioning bikes will give them the excitement and ability needed to visit and explore your local environment with their friends. A solid social life is the cornerstone of any child’s proper development and enjoyment, so this can work wonders.

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