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Whether you want to slim down your body so you look amazing in a bikini this summer, or you have a wedding coming up and need to fit into that dress, or maybe you just think it’s time you pulled yourself together and got your body back to what it used to be. – Well, whatever the reason, getting fit and staying healthy is essential to maintain a good lifestyle, and keep those extra pounds off.

Here are the best ways to do just that.


Change your diet

If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, the first place to start should be with what you eat. Let’s start with the obvious – you must eat plenty of fruit and veg to ensure you are getting all the right vitamins and minerals in your body. They also include important antioxidants that protect your body from damage – learn more about them on [Read more…]

Help Your Mind To Help You

Your mind is a powerful machine that can support you throughout your day. It is the core of your cognitive abilities, but it does more than that. Knowing how to train your mind in the right way can make you a more relaxed individual, can help you to understand the power of hormones and can even make you a better thinker. If you believe that you couldn’t change your life with the power of your mind, it’s time to think again and to do it for real. You may not be a superhero, but your brain can make you feel like one. It’s time to unleash your brain’s potential.

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Train Yourself To Recognize Stress

Life is stressful; there’s no need denying it. You know, and it’s likely that your brain knows it too. But what you may not know is that you can train your brain to recognize the signs of stress before they destroy you. Knowing when you are going to get stressed out or identifying the stress triggers, is key in preventing stress from damaging you. Indeed, when you know your triggers, you can take control of how you feel and actively wish yourself to walk away from stress. Stress doesn’t have to destroy you if you know its patterns and can avoid falling into the same traps.  

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Alternative Ways To Look After Your Health

People tend to think that if they’re not sick then they’re completely healthy. But once something goes wrong it can take a while for you to get back to 100 percent. If you have serious health problems you should consult a doctor about the proper treatment, but you can also do everything you can to keep yourself healthy both inside and out. Some people choose medicine to maintain their well being, but there are many other ways you can wake up feeling great.

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Chiropractic is pretty widely accepted in the medical community, and thus qualifies more as a complementary medicine than an alternative one. However good it may feel, seeing a chiropractor is more than just getting your back cracked. Chiropractors correct the cause of pain through spinal manipulation, or “adjustments.” The idea is that joints’ movements become restricted when surrounding tissues are injured either during a single event (exercise) or through repetitive stress (sitting with poor posture for extended periods). Chiropractic adjustments provide powerful pain relief for headaches, lower back pain, and even sciatica.

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10 Simple Ways To Keep Stress At Bay


At some point or another in life, we all get faced with a stressful situation or two. Some of us with come across them more frequently than others. Sometimes, that can be a sign of a more hectic lifestyle. However, it can also indicate more about how we deal with stress, than our lifestyles. Because not everyone is great at handling stress. When it hits, it can often overwhelm us. We can bottle things up until we blow, or even let them eat away at us for long periods of time. But both methods aren’t always healthy.


Instead, we have to actively work to manage stress in order to conquer it. You may not always feel like it, but if you’re going to get a hold on stress, you need to be able to work with it. Stress can be a killer. It has such bad effects on the body, like increased blood pressure, depression, and headaches to name a few, that we have to work on managing it if we want to lead healthy and happy lives – our kids too. So if you want to figure out how to handle stress a whole lot better and finally feel good about yourself, here are ten simple tips to try out.

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Helping Your Child Get To Sleep When It Is Hot

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Any parent will know how hard it can be to put a small child to bed even when the conditions are absolutely perfect. So trying to put a small child, or a baby, to sleep when the summer sun is at its best can be a seriously testing time. Not just that, but quite a worrisome time too.


That is why we have come up with some top tips on how you can your precious bundles of (agitated) joy cool in the remaining summer months.

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Stay Fit And Safe: How To Lift Weights Properly



When lifting weights, you should always use the proper form for two main reasons. One – you could cause yourself a terrible injury, and two – you won’t be gaining muscle if you don’t use the right technique. So never just assume you know what you’re doing, because that would just be irresponsible. It’s not always about the weight you’re lifting – that will be irrelevant if you’re not doing it correctly.

Here are some of the things that you should always take into consideration when you’re going to lift.

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Drink Up: The Best Beverages For A Cold Morning

Most of us know how tough it is to crawl out of our soft, warm beds in the winter. Especially when the sun isn’t even up, and it’s freezing cold outside. But it still has to be done. Luckily, making yourself, a hot beverage first thing can really help wake you up, warm you up, and set you up for the day ahead. But what are the best beverages to drink on those cold winter mornings? Read on to find out.


Earl Grey Tea


If you are a tea person, rather than a coffee fiend, then a great way to start the day is with a classic, hot, English cup of Earl Grey tea. Designed to be drunk without milk, this tea has delicate smoky bergamot flavor.



It is a marvelously gentle way to wake up your senses on a cold winter’s morning. Add a slice of lemon or a little honey for extra flavor, although the tea cup and saucer is optional!


Hazelnut Café Mocha.


So this dream of a drink has all the good things in it. Its pretty darn easy to make to, so don’t get your knickers in a twist about not having enough in the mornings, either!


All you need to do is make a fresh ground batch of coffee. So check out some of the articles like coffee grinders 101 to decide which grinder to get. Then add to this a mix of cream, melted with hazelnut spread, and cocoa powder. Finish it off with a squirt of whipped cream for an added treat, and you won’t be disappointed.


Chai Tea


One of the most fashionable brews to get you going in the mornings, Chai tea is delicious and can easily be made at home. A classic cup of Chai tea, is made with black tea and Masala Chai spice, as well as milk.


To get the best effect, warm and froth with milk before you add it to the tea. You can also buy Chai tea in bags now. But for the most authentic taste, add your own Chai Masala spice which you can get here.


Bulletproof Coffee


This is a drink that has become particularly popular within the whole eating movement. It is designed to provide a boost of caffeine as well as enough fat to get your brain and body going in the mornings.



But how do you make it? Well, it’s pretty simple, and all you need are good quality ingredients. Firstly take great quality coffee, beans ground fresh. Add these to filtered water to make your brew. Then add unsalted butter or ghee, grass fed, and there you have it.


Hot Water And Lemon


For all you purists out there on a healthy eating kick, there really is only one suitable hot beverage for the morning. That is hot water and lemon.


In this, you will find no caffeine and caffeine and no dairy. Ok, so it sounds a little boring. But its is actually pretty refreshing. Also you are getting hydrated without having to chug down a load of cold water when it’s freezing weather outside.


You can even add a little ginger to spice things up a bit. Which acts are a great cleaning agent and can help to stimulate your digestive system.


Kickstart Your Healthy Eating Regime: The Best Ways To Use A Blender

Have you vowed to make more of an effort to eat healthily in 2017? Are you trying to eat more fruit and vegetables or cut out your takeout habit? If so, a blender is an excellent investment. If you’re looking to supercharge your diet, here are some of the best ways to use a blender.



You can buy smoothies from cafes and stores, but if you ordered one on a daily basis, you’d soon notice a dent in your finances. Buying a blender is a much cheaper way of doing things. You can also control what goes into your smoothies, which means that you can design flavor combinations, and decide how much sugar you add. Smoothies are often marketed as healthy alternatives to soda and energy drinks. But if you look at the nutritional information, you’ll often find that they contain a lot of sugar. When you’re in charge, you can make sure your smoothies are a healthy option. If you don’t already have a blender, you can read reviews on sites like Blender Friend. You can also access recipes online. Popular flavor combinations include strawberry and banana, apple and mango, and kiwi and lime. The best thing to do is experiment, and see what concoctions you come up with. If you’re worried about cost, you don’t have to use fresh fruit. You can also buy frozen fruit, which tends to be cheaper.

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When it’s pouring down outside, and you’re trying to get warm, there are few things more comforting than a hearty bowl of soup. Soup is a cheap and easy dish, which is also really versatile. You can rustle up large batches and freeze what you don’t use, and there are so many different flavor combinations to try. If you’re a fan of the classics, go for chicken and vegetable, tomato and basil or leek and potato. If you fancy something a little different, why not try spiced pumpkin, chorizo and French bean or broccoli and Stilton?


Lean burgers

Are burgers your Achilles heel? If so, don’t worry. With the help of a blender, you can make much healthier versions than the ones served at your local diner. Opt for turkey mince or blend a salmon fillet. Add herbs, garlic, lemon zest, salt, and pepper and blend with an egg and a dash of olive oil.


Pasta sauces

Pasta sauces occupy both ends of the scale when it comes to healthy food. On one hand, tomato-based sauces with vegetables are nutritious with high fiber and low fat values. On the other, you get cheesy, creamy sauces, which are laden with fat. Try and make your own sauces from scratch rather than buying pre-packed tins and cartons. This way, you can add as much veg as you like, and you can regulate the sugar and salt content. All you need to do is add the vegetables you want to use to your bowl, add seasoning and a drop of oil, and seconds later, you’ll be ready to go.

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If you’re on a healthy eating mission, a blender is a great investment. Hopefully, these suggestions will help you produce healthy, tasty meals with minimal hassle.

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